My dad has sent me a postcard once a month or so for as long as I can remember, from Arizona to Chile. I have every one saved in a gray box in my room at my home and I’m sure they are the route of my postcard sending habit. For this reason I knew my dad would love to see Hell, a district and tourist attraction in Cayman, the star of which is the Hell post office where you can have your mail postmarked from Hell. The name was gained when an official surveyed the area for the first time and looking out over the outcrop of rocks observed, “this must be what Hell looks like.” If you can’t stand busses of tourists, tacky t-shirts and pointless attractions you may still agree!

Hell Grand Cayman
 Hell Grand Cayman

Lowdown: There are some uninteresting rock formations, a couple dusty souvenir shops from the 80’s and a post office. On some days there’s also a little man running around in a devil suit, but we missed that pleasure. I also saw that in the shops they’ll stamp your passport to say Hell, which I think would be fun and throw off immigration officers, who are some of my least favorite people for the fear they invoke in me.

Hell Grand CaymanYup, this is it

Cost: Free, plus the cost of whatever postcards or souvenirs you might buy.

Time: Including taking photos and sending postcards I think we spent half an hour here.

Hell Grand Cayman Post Office

Overall: 4/5. Taking into account the investment of time and money (low) this is a nice cheap thrill. The rock formation that is the basis of Hell’s fame is pretty underwhelming but if you are a roadside attraction kitsh lover like myself, you will get a thrill out of the photo ops and sending your neighbors back home a postcard postmarked from Hell. If I were in Cayman for one day I wouldn’t come here but if you’re in West Bay it’s a fun and easy stopover.

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