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Cayman Islands

Month 48

What a crazy month this one was. I transitioned from my Central American spring into my North American summer by tropical island hopping north-bound, from Roatan to Grand Cayman to Bermuda. That was the first half of the month. Then, after a quick spin around Upstate New York, I was island bound again, this time of… Read more


We’ve all heard of the world famous Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janiero. We’ve all seen the Nicki Minaj video of the Trinidad version. But did you know there are actually smaller carnivals all over Latin America and the Caribbean? Like the Cayman Island’s own Batabano. Batabano is a relatively small and young festival in the… Read more

When it Rains, It Pours: Going Back to the Beginning in Grand Cayman thumbnail

I was a little nervous about returning to the Cayman Islands. First, I was nervous it might kill me a little to go back, because it’s such an emotionally charged spot for me. I spent a happy summer here with the love of my early twenties, a relationship that would eventually turn my heart and life… Read more

Four Years of Travel

June is a pretty big month around these parts — the 9th (yup, this post is a tad late, what else is new) marked four whole years in Wanderland. Four years since the day I took off from New York on a one-way ticket. Fourty-eight months since went live. One thousand, four hundred and sixty… Read more


Hello old friends! Is it just me or it does it feel like it’s been ages? Due to some behind-the-scenes technical difficulties (apologies to those who have tried to check in and found the site down!) I’m a little behind on posting this week. But we’re all up and running now, and I think you’ll agree… Read more

Earning Abroad: Owning a Photography Business in the Cayman Islands thumbnail

Welcome to Earning Abroad! In this series I’ll introduce you to some inspiring and ambitious friends I’ve met on the road — friends who have found viable work away from their home countries.  Heather Holt is yet another Earning Abroad interviewee who will seem very familiar to many of you. A fellow Yes Girl, she’s one… Read more

My First Eleven Foreign Countries thumbnail

Bloggers love lists. They are easy and fun to write, they do well in search engines, and they get good responses.  Recently, flipping through my passport in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Spain, I realized I had surpassed my 10th foreign country without even acknowledging the milestone! I was already at eleven. Maybe not such… Read more