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Four Years of Travel

June is a pretty big month around these parts — the 9th (yup, this post is a tad late, what else is new) marked four whole years in Wanderland. Four years since the day I took off from New York on a one-way ticket. Fourty-eight months since went live. One thousand, four hundred and sixty… Read more

Month 39

My hectic summer reached a fever pitch in Month 39. Two whirlwind final weeks in Greece capped off Europe, which had followed an action packed few months of traipsing the USA — and as amazing as that whole period of travel chaos was, upon reflection it  pushed me right to the brink of burnout. I’d had… Read more

How to Stopover in Bahrain in Style thumbnail

From the moment I stepped off the plane in Manama, I was transfixed by Bahrain. I love the sensation of being jolted awake by a place that feels truly exotic, and that’s what my first taste of the Middle East did for me. With just twenty-four hours, I’m in awe of just how much I took… Read more

Greetings from the Gulf thumbnail

“The time is currently 9:05pm, and the temperature outside is 108° Fahrenheit. Welcome to Bahrain.”  A shot of static signaled the end of the announcement, and I watched transfixed as the women on my flight transformed. In Athens, they had boarded the plane in high end resort wear, sleeveless designer dresses and tight, trendy jeans. In… Read more

Photo of the Week 167 thumbnail

Wow! In the past week I’ve hopped three countries, three continents, and four religions. I started in the ancient Greek city of Delphi, wandering temples built to Athena and Apollo. Next, I made my way to Meteora, where I explored monasteries built across the dramatic clifftops of mountainous Central Greece. Leaving Europe, I hopped over to… Read more