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Four Years of Travel

June is a pretty big month around these parts — the 9th (yup, this post is a tad late, what else is new) marked four whole years in Wanderland. Four years since the day I took off from New York on a one-way ticket. Fourty-eight months since went live. One thousand, four hundred and sixty… Read more

Inside My Bag: Packing For Europe thumbnail

It’s no secret that packing is on the list of my least favorite aspects of travel, ranking somewhere between sleeping in the terminal during overnight layovers and being seated behind a teething infant on twelve hour suspension-free bus rides. Even a weekend trip to Vegas can reduce me to a puddle of packing misery, so imagine… Read more

Malta Thumbnail

It was my last day in Malta. Despite the island’s diminutive size, I had yet to step foot along its South Coast, aside from landing at the airport. With an early afternoon flight and one last day with the rental car, Anders and I set off early to hit up as many last minute Southern sights… Read more

Valleta Thumbnail

“What should we do this evening?,” I asked Anders as he flopped down on the couch after work. I’d been working on writing projects all day and was eager to get out and explore. We tossed around a few ideas while I absentmindedly flicked around online, and eventually stumbled upon the perfect solution. We were going… Read more

Diving Malta

Quick note before the post begins: The world may have me, but New York has my heart, today and every day. We’re never forgetting. . . . . . . The best diving in Europe. Unmatched in the Mediterranean. That was just some of the hope-lifting praise I’d read and heard for the dive sites ringing… Read more

Going Gaga For Gozo thumbnail

The nation of Malta is actually made up of three distinct islands — Malta, Comino, and Gozo. A few days in, and in spite of its diminutive size, I’d seen only a small fraction of what Malta had to offer. But when Anders was blessed with an unexpected day off of work, he didn’t hesitate over… Read more

An Evening of Sand and Cities in West Malta thumbnail

One of my favorite things about Malta is its diminutive size — the whole country is less than 200 square miles. This meant that it was easy to explore in bite-size segments, perfect for coordinating with the working schedule of my hunky host. One afternoon, as Anders arrived home from a dive, I was waiting by… Read more