So after less than 10 months stateside I’m back on the road again. I’m not exactly living out of my backpack this time or roughing it barefoot, as they sell Frosted Flakes at the grocery here and I’m required by law to wear a helmet on a motorbike (sorry mom, they didn’t even sell them in Thailand). If I was given a globe and told to pick a place to spend the summer, Cayman wouldn’t be my first pick, probably not even the top ten. But there is great opportunity here and while Mark works as a dive instructor saving up for our next adventure I’m interning with a photographer doing both land based work and learning the trade of underwater photo and video, something that will be extremely useful in finding future island employment! I also have the lofty goal of using this time for my self education, to write more, read more, push my body with swimming and yoga and try to advance my dive training. So while we cool our heels and build up our experience and savings, I’m thankful for being together, being by a beautiful ocean, and the occasional box of Frosted Flakes cereal.

Grand Cayman Ocean


  • Margaret
    June 14 2010

    We have a wonderful store here stateside called BJ’s…where can I send your pallet of Frosted Flakes?

    • thetravelingturtle
      June 30 2010

      Sadly, there is no such thing as mail delivery on this little rock and I have no PO Box…. but maybe you could send them in a hot air balloon?

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