We’re back to voting to decide this week’s Photo of the Week!

Photo A:

Baby Mangoes

Baby coconuts growing outside my front door. Simple but fun.

Post B:

Thai Shrine

A shrine, also outside my place! (I guess I didn’t venture very far this week.)

Photo C:

Motorbike Thailand

This is my favorite but Mark turned his nose up, hence the voting. I love it though because bikes are such a big part of our life here in Thailand. Learning to drive one was a massive challenge for me, which I’ll write about soon. And this is the first vehicle I’ve ever bought myself. It might torture me with flat tires, horrible brakes and a stuck acceleration, but it’s mine, all mine.

So, what’s your favorite? Comment below and tell me why!

Travel Photo of the Week 16

  • Rick
    September 30 2011

    “Baby Coconuts” is the win for me. Eager to see more of where the bike takes you though. Good luck!

    • Alex
      October 1 2011

      They are so darn cute, aren’t they! In front of my old place there was a baby pineapple plant. I love all fruit in miniature.

  • Briony
    October 2 2011

    I also like photo A, didn’t think fruit could be described as cute but those are! It’s a lovely bright photo as well.

    To be honest I like all 3 though, it’s good to see wee bits of your wee life. πŸ™‚

    • Alex
      October 2 2011

      I like the fact that you say “wee” you wee cutey!

  • Chris Haughey
    October 2 2011

    Coconuts is the winner for me.
    I like the bike, tho ‘horrible brakes and stuck acceleration’ sounds like a dangerous combination!

  • Kelli Nicole
    October 4 2011

    Love the baby coconuts! Love the colors and the bokeh. (Saw that you live in Thailand right now on that wife so I had to check out your site :)).

    • Alex
      October 4 2011

      Hi Kelli, I recognized you from That Wife! Glad to see you over here πŸ™‚

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