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The rumors are true: Lake Atitlán is stunning. It’s been a peaceful, relaxing retreat for a week of writing and reading, and I may even have snuck a high-altitude dive or two in as well. Those following along on Instagram know I split my eight nights here between the lakeside villages of Santa Cruz, San Pedro, and San Marcos.

This week I kind of reached a turning point in this trip where I looked ahead and really started to plot out the final moves that will bring me all the way back to the US in early May (see the rough outline of my 2015 plans here!). As of yesterday, I’m two weeks into my time in Guatemala with two more to go before I meet my family in Belize — one of the most highly anticipated moments of this entire trip! Once I see them off, I have just a few weeks before I need to get myself to La Ceiba, Honduras, where I can catch a direct flight to Grand Cayman. I still have some flights to book and final decisions to make, but it’s kind of crazy to think how quickly it’s going by.

This week is mostly going to be a work one for me, with a fun reunion with my Guatemala City-based friends next weekend to look forward to! For now, here’s a preview of what I got up to over the last one.

Photo A

Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan, GuatemalaWelcome to Lake Atitlán

Photo B

Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan, GuatemalaWalking the Santa Cruz shoreline

Photo C

Iguana Perdida, Santa Cruz, Lake AtitlanA first: a toilet appearing in Photo of the Week

Photo D

Lake Atitlan GuatemalaBetter not get sick of volcano views

Photo E

Signs from San Pedro, Lake AtitlanSigns from a now-underwater restaurant in San Pedro

Photo F

Diving in Lake AtitlanDiving in Lake Atitlán

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