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I want to start by saying Happy Mother’s day to all the mamas reading this post today, especially my own mom and grandmothers. My mom has been one of my biggest fans and supporters in my travels and zany career pursuits! She gave me the gifts of independence, financial responsibility, and creativity that have made me who I am. I wouldn’t be the world traveler I am today if it weren’t for her special brand of parenting. I love you Mama!

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Photographically this was a challenging week. Challenging because I did almost nothing worth taking pictures of. In Vientiane, Laos, I did little other than come down with a horrible bout of food poisoning/mystery illness and have a dramatic run in with the law (details to come). Then I spent the second half of the week in Bangkok where I did not more than flop around in the luxury of my amazing hotel room. Hence, all my Photo of the Week prospects are from one day!

This Photo of the Week project has been funny like this… some weeks I put aside over twenty photos from each day of the week and feel that there is no way I can possibly narrow things down. Other weeks I’m scraping through wondering how I managed to take not even one decent photo!

Photo A

Vientiane Buddha Park

At the Buddha Park in Vientiane. On the left, taken by me, on the right, taken of me.

Photo B

Vientiane Buddha Park

Aerial view of the Vientiane Buddha Park.

Photo C

Vientiane Buddha Park

And yet another of the Buddha Park!

Photo D

Vientiane Lao Suana

And finally something a bit different… taken at the herbal Lao-style sauna in Vientiane. Probably my favorite image of the week but unfortunately taken with my point and shoot so not the best quality.

What do you think? Leave a vote for your favorite in the comments below!


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