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Okay, so it’s week 2 of my big project and I’m cheating already. Remember last week, when I posted that adorable photo of a highland cow? Well, I took an even better one. Remember that unlike many travel blogs out there with a Photo of the Week feature, my photo of the week is actually taken in the week that it is posted! Have a look back at the Week 1 update. Did I do the right thing?

My strictest parameters were that I had to choose one photo per week and that they had to be taken in that week. So with those rules I’m still in the clear! That’s the case I’m going to plead when the Photo Project Police come for me, anyway.

Highland Cows Scotland

So once again, this weeks photo is a highland cow. This was taken at the base of Ben Nevis, moments before I spent over six and a half hours exerting more physical energy than I have… ever! Post regarding that comedy forthcoming.

  • Kris Koeller
    June 24 2011

    That’s quite a cow!
    Kris Koeller recently posted..Photo of the Day- Independence Hall in Philadelphia

    • Alex
      June 24 2011

      Or as they say here, a “highland coo”

  • Amanda Kendle
    June 25 2011

    Awww … so so cute! And definitely worthy of being featured two weeks running. Love it!
    Amanda Kendle recently posted..Weekend Wanderings: The inaugural link-up on Not A Ballerina: A Travel Blogger’s Life

    • Alex
      June 25 2011

      I can’t get enough of these cows! Thankfully this week is a bit more city based so I won’t be tempted again…

  • karen
    June 25 2011

    Hey there!! I am here! Shock. Actually the big shock was seeing that family photo here. I instantly cut myself out of it before display, can you do the same? I LOVE all this stuff. Mark in kilt–super neat. Cool cows, so hugable. Thank you SO much for the print. It is being framed then hung in a great place. xoxo

    • Alex
      June 27 2011

      Karen! I’m so glad you found me 🙂 Glad everything arrived to you safe and sound 🙂

  • Roy patterson
    June 27 2011

    Great work again!

    • Alex
      June 27 2011

      Thanks! Let’s see if I can keep it going for another 50 weeks…

  • Olivia
    June 28 2011

    Holy cow!

    ….bahahahahaha crackin’ myself up over here

  • Heather
    August 31 2011

    It is my secret goal in life to own a hairy coo (highland cow) sometime in the future. I also may or may not have a stuffed one that I got at the Edinburgh tattoo

    • Alex
      September 1 2011

      Well, I may or may not have a highland cow hat in my possession now! Best souvenir ever!

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