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Surviving Tomorrowland: How To Get Tickets thumbnail

The Survival Series is a resource highlighting my favorite festivals and parties around the world. Previously I’ve featured Burning Man, an epic week-long social experiment in the desert, Sunjam, an intimate annual rave on a deserted Central American island, and The Full Moon Party, Southeast Asia’s most infamous monthly blowout. I’ve got festival fever, and Tomorrowland… Read more

How Much Does Tomorrowland Cost? thumbnail

There’s no denying that this new festival fetish of mine is quite the expensive hobby. But what can I say? I’ll hostel hop for months and play the credit card points game all day if it means that once a year I can splurge on a magical experience like Tomorrowland. While costs will of course vary… Read more

Dreamville Thumbnail

If there was one chorus that Heather and I couldn’t stop repeating to each other during out time at Tomorrowland, it was how insanely overjoyed we were with our decision to camp at the Dream Lodges in DreamVille. I mean, can you blame us for occasionally tossing around the idea of foregoing the festival altogether and… Read more

Photo of the Week 163: Belgium thumbnail

Whew! Apologies for the jumbled posting schedule this week, but getting out of Belgium really threw me for a loop. My eight days in the country started off pretty rocky and while frustrations continued to pile up, all was forgiven upon arrival at Tomorrowland with one of my fave travel buddies by my side. Going entirely… Read more