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Finger Lakes

Friendship in the Finger Lakes: TBEX 2018 thumbnail

Where we’re at: I’m recapping my brief travels in the fall of 2018. Last September, I basically took a huge sharpie to my calendar and crossed out the month, writing “weddings and conferences!!!” across the whole of it. With speaking gigs at both TBEX and TravelCon and the weddings of two very close family friends —… Read more

Mind Blown: Glass Blowing at the Corning Museum of Class thumbnail

After my last post, many of you expressed that you’ve never heard of Corning. That’s not really a huge surprise; after all, it’s a big world and Corning is a relatively small town in Central New York. But there is one community in which Corning is mentioned with a knowing nod, in which Corning is the… Read more

Crazy for Corning thumbnail

There’s something a little corny about going all out on alliteration in a kooky title like Crazy for Corning, but what can I say? It’s simply the kind of sweet small town that inspires such silliness. Okay, I’ll stop now. Alliteration and corniness aside, there is something cool about Corning. While Corning is often lumped in… Read more

Sippin’ and Kickin’ Around Keuka Lake thumbnail

“America’s Coolest Small Town” is quite a title to claim for oneself, but luckily Hammondsport didn’t have to do it — the readers of Budget Travel magazine did it for them. Hammondsport was the first stop on my Upstate New York road trip, and I already felt like I’d traveled into the brushstrokes of a Normal… Read more

In an (Upstate) New York State of Mind thumbnail

“Wow, that’s a change of scenery!” The comment popped up on my Instagram within moments of me posting my first snap from back in the USA. Looking up from my iPhone, I surveyed my surroundings. A calm lake broken only by a few slow kayaks, a crisp glass of local white wine, an American flag stirring… Read more

Upstate New York

Greetings from Upstate New York! I’ve had a serious scenery change in the past week — I went from balmy Bermuda (have you been following my Instagram takeover?) to crisp spring Upstate New York. While normally I give myself a little more than eighteen hours turnaround between trips, this one was definitely worth the rush. From… Read more