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Renting A Car in England: A Comedy of Errors in the Cotswolds thumbnail

“You’re renting a car in England?!” my British friends asked, looking concerned. “Just take the trains,” they assured me, echoing the warnings of my guidebook, though I remained convinced that I alone knew best when it came to traveling in a foreign country that I have limited experience exploring. Pause for laughter. I actually have pretty… Read more

Greenwich Yoga, Shoreditch Cocktails, Brixton Reggae and Beyond: Three Nights in London thumbnail

Here we are, catching up on my black hole of content from September of 2016 to April of 2017! So excited to be turning my detailed notes and journals into blog posts from the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Jamaica, Thailand and Bali! Right now we’re bopping around England. Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory… Read more

Reuniting in the United Kingdom thumbnail

My antics in England weren’t quite over yet. I still had to hop over to my final London lovely, the adorable Freya. Freya was another one of my closest girlfriends in Koh Tao, and it’s crazy to think my old partner-in-crime is now a flat owner with a big girl job! I mean, not that crazy… Read more

London Locks

“Seriously, what am I going to write about this week?,” I called out to my friend Kat as I stepped into the shower in her Shadwell flat. “I have done nothing but eat and drink since I got my passport stamped. Maybe I’ll just title my post Places to Get Drunk and Fat in London?” So… Read more

Photo of the Week 161: London thumbnail

Greetings from London! I wave goodbye to this city with a heavy heart and a very, very full stomach — at times it seems my mission was to do little more than eat and drink my way through England’s epic capital. It was a week full of reunions and reminiscing as I bounced from one sleepover… Read more

I am one of the most neurotic, research loving, Type-A travelers that ever made a color coded trip binder walked this planet. I truly do believe that planning is half the fun and I cherish my time digging into guidebooks, blogs and forums to learn everything I can about my destination. While I might not go… Read more

As a perpetual traveler, my friend Kat makes an amazing international host. This is a girl who was born in South Africa, lived in London for over a decade, moved to Thailand (where we met!) and explored the world in between. So she knows a thing or two about traveling. So when I arrived in England… Read more