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The Great Escape: Month 41 Roundup thumbnail

Note: This roundup might be a tad late. Expect another coming up next week! (Why do I keep forgetting to publish these things when I write in my “roundup notes” file on an almost daily basis?) Home sweet home away from home. Traveling around Thailand — especially to places I’ve been once or twice or a… Read more

Pai Caving

Part of what makes Pai special is that it’s not just an idyllic hippie town — outside the borders of the village map lie an almost overwhelming number of natural attractions to explore. I’d seen several on my previous adventures motorbiking around Pai, and was excited to see something new. That said, I wasn’t really attached… Read more


“Well that was amazing…” “… but I couldn’t have taken another day of it.” We laughed in agreement, snuggling into our sleeper bunks on the night train to Chiang Mai. Heather and I were more or less fleeing Bangkok after five hectic days of hanging with an award-winningly rowdy group of guys. As much fun as… Read more

Pai Thumbnail

This week, my mini (millionth) tour of Thailand continued as Heather and I ditched the Bangkok boys and made our way up to Pai and Chiang Mai. Our four days in Pai mostly consisted of lazing around our cute A-frame bungalow, getting massages, reading by the river, and one ambitious excursion to a nearby cave. Since… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 20 Roundup thumbnail

Since I left home for my Great Escape, I’ve been doing monthly roundups of my adventures filled with anecdotes, private little moments, and thoughts that are found nowhere else on this blog. As this site is not just a resource for other travelers but also my own personal travel diary, I like to take some time… Read more

Two Days in The Thai Jungle: Rafting from Pai to Mae Hong Son thumbnail

Since before Northern Thailand was just a twinkle in my eye dog-eared Lonely Planet, I knew I wanted to do the two-day rafting trip between Pai and Mae Hong Son. I’d last white water rafted in Honduras two years ago, and I was itching to get my hands back on a paddle. So despite the fact… Read more

Motorbiking around Pai thumbnail

Without a doubt, the hippie town of Pai was my favorite destination in Northern Thailand. And I wasn’t the only one — the town is definitely no secret paradise. Luckily, it’s easy to escape the dreadlocked masses if you’re feeling a little claustrophobic. For a mere 220 baht (around $7), you rent a scooter and dash… Read more