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Motorized Thrills

Two Days in Lopburi, Thailand’s Sweetest Small Town thumbnail

Confused on where we are? I’m catching up on the black hole of content from May of 2016 to April of 2017 — when I jumped forward to blog the summer of 2017 as it was happening. This post is from December of 2016, when I hopped back to Thailand, and I can’t wait to turn… Read more

Out On the Dunes: ATV Adventures in Jericoacoara thumbnail

You’ve already read how in just one week, I fell deep under Jericoacoara’s spell. While the tiny, remote Brazilian beach town had charm in spades, most people were drawn to what lay beyond its borders — miles upon miles of endless, untamed sand dunes, their shapes changing with the whims of the wind. To explore them, you’ll… Read more

The Complete Guide to Visiting Koh Yai National Park Independently thumbnail

Thailand is abundant with so many natural wonders I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but this year I stumbled upon one that definitely lingers somewhere near the top. I traveled to Khao Yai National Park, as so many others do, in search of elephants. One of the largest wild populations in Thailand calls Khao… Read more

Treasures on Two Wheels: Visiting Khao Yai National Park By Motorbike thumbnail

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a postcard from Thailand, it likely featured paradise islands, charming provincial towns or perhaps the sparkling lights of Bangkok. The country’s beautiful beaches and cosmopolitan big city are well documented, including here on Alex in Wanderland. But did you know Thailand also has one hundred and twenty-seven national parks… Read more

Bonaire by Electric Car

Even the crustiest of divers have to dry out sometime — even if it is only the mandated last day of their trip. (Divers have to wait a certain number of hours before flying after they hang up their fins, which leads many divers to consider the last day of a dive vacation their “dry day.”)… Read more

Bermuda by Scooter: One Last Day in Paradise thumbnail

Note: I’m temporarily jumping out of my chronological Central America trip coverage to tell you about my very last stop en route back to New York: Bermuda! We’ll jump back into Guatemala after this post. . With just one full day left in Bermuda, we knew there was only one way we were going to make… Read more

Getting our Balance Back in Boquete thumbnail

After four days of hardcore diving and internet disconnect, what does this girl need? A highland retreat in which to dry out and catch up on work. Boquete was the next natural step on our Panama itinerary, the perfect link between the two coasts we were hitting up. It’s also, strangely, a hotspot for American expats… Read more