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My Travelversary: Year Five thumbnail

“Aim high, time flies.” I stared down at the message I’d just cracked out of a fortune cookie and wondered at the odds that this particular prophecy had found me. I was in a strip mall takeout joint in my hometown of Albany, New York, where I was quietly celebrating the fact that five years to… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 51 Roundup thumbnail

From the Caribbean back to the East Coast and out West again — it was a month on the move. I started and ended this month with two big trips, cushioned in the middle by a nice stretch of downtime in which to catch my breath. It was a pretty good balance, and while I had… Read more

Salt Pier Bonaire

This is — salty tear — my very last post from Bonaire. The good news? I saved the best for last. Man am I going to miss blogging about this beautiful, lesser-known Caribbean isle! But back to that salty tear bit. Salt and scuba go hand in hand on Bonaire. Salt is the island’s primary export… Read more

#Bonaire2Bahamas: A Caribbean Bachelorette thumbnail

Happy 2016, everyone! While I have some fun New Years-y posts coming up, I thought we could start with something nice and easy while we nurse the last vestiges of our two-day hangovers. (What? That’s just me?) Something like a Caribbean bachelorette party. We’re all still in party mode after all, right? Bride-to-be in Bonaire When… Read more

Bonaire Above Sea Level: Seven Adventures for Non-Divers thumbnail

Surely by now you get the picture — Bonaire is a paradise for scuba divers, consistently rated as one of the top diving destinations in the world. And the majority of those who come to the island arrive to enjoy just that. But what about those who prefer to stay about sea level? Does this Dutch Caribbean… Read more

Loving Lac Bay: Yoga and Diving on Bonaire’s East Coast thumbnail

The vast majority of Bonaire may be a divers’ paradise, but there’s still one spot where other interests reign supreme: Lac Bay, the turquoise jewel of Bonaire’s East Coast. Most of the action is on the West side, but Lac Bay and Sorobon Beach are the heart of the island’s windsurfing scene, diving’s popular runner-up for reigning… Read more

Diving Like a VIP in Bonaire thumbnail

By now, you guys have heard me extolling the brilliance of Bonaire’s abundance of shore dives, and the ease with which divers can rent a truck, pop by a tank drive-through, and spend the day exploring on a whim. While I think that freedom is one of the greatest things about Bonaire, you guys have brought up some… Read more