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My Travelversary: Year Five thumbnail

“Aim high, time flies.” I stared down at the message I’d just cracked out of a fortune cookie and wondered at the odds that this particular prophecy had found me. I was in a strip mall takeout joint in my hometown of Albany, New York, where I was quietly celebrating the fact that five years to… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 51 Roundup thumbnail

From the Caribbean back to the East Coast and out West again — it was a month on the move. I started and ended this month with two big trips, cushioned in the middle by a nice stretch of downtime in which to catch my breath. It was a pretty good balance, and while I had… Read more

Island Yoga SUP Aruba

If it were any other white sand beach, any other all-inclusive, and other palm-fringed island, I could have stayed within the confines of our resort for three days quite contentedly. But we were in Aruba. And there was one thing I just couldn’t leave Aruba without doing. What could possibly pull us away from our rigorous… Read more

Aruba Travel Blog

Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation — or more accurately, a vacation from your hardcore, jam-packed, adventure-laden travels? That’s how we felt leaving Bonaire. We’d had the most amazing week ever, but we hadn’t stopped to catch our breath for a mere moment. By the time we hit Aruba, we were exhausted and… Read more

Packing for Bonaire

What’s that you hear in the distance? The cry of a small blonde blogger being crushed under the weight of her excess baggage? The clatter of non-travel sized toiletries hiding from the TSA? The crush of a bulging carry on being shoved into a tiny overhead bin? Must be time for another overpacking confessional slash exhaustive edition of Inside My… Read more


Ahhhhhhruba. That’s how I felt when I got off the plane. I know this might sound funny to some people, but diving trips are hard work! We left Bonaire happy but exhausted — in seven days we did seven dives, went on two snorkeling adventures, took a yoga class, survived a cave tour, drove up to… Read more