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Siem Reap

Where To Eat and Drink in Siem Reap thumbnail

I’m not sure I can remember a single thing I ate or drank on my first two trips to Siem Reap — aside, of course, from several gallons of cheap cocktails at Angkor Wat? nightclub. Those trips just had a different focus. But for my most recent return to the city, I couldn’t have been more… Read more

Angkor Wat Photography Tips thumbnail

Angkor Wat is on many a traveler’s bucket list. And whether those travelers are professional photographers, aspiring shutterbugs or just Instagram enthusiasts with smartphones, chances are they want to take home beautiful photos that will help them remember and reminisce about their trip for a lifetime to come. My trip this year was no exception. Actually… Read more

Serene in Siem Reap: Dreaming of Navutu Dreams thumbnail

Welcome to Cambodia. I beamed when I heard it, a now familiar phrase. This was my fourth trip to Cambodia and my third to Siem Reap, the city whose airport we had just landed in from Bangkok. There are plenty of unticked places on my Southeast Asia to do list. So why return to the same… Read more

Bangkok and Siem Reap

Wow — what a week! This was the first time I pulled my passport out since arriving in Thailand in late September, and only the third time I’ve left the comfy shores of Koh Tao in the same time period. And while I’ve been endlessly content to sit still lately, this trip was a blissful reminder of how good… Read more

The Wanderland Guide To Travel Planning: Breaking it Down to Bangkok and Siem Reap thumbnail

Happy holidays! This post is brought to you by KAYAK. . Whether it’s off on an exotic beach getaway or back to a snow-filled hometown, it’s no secret that the holidays are a crazy popular time to travel. Despite that I’m on a self-imposed six-month travel sabbatical, even I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. Right now, I’m… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 5 Roundup thumbnail

Each month I take some time to reflect now just what I’m doing, but how I’m doing. You can read my previous roundups here, here, and here. You know what a Month 5 Roundup means, right? It means I’ve officially reached the half year anniversary of leaving home for this crazy journey around the world. Sometimes… Read more

Siem Reap is a tourism boom town, and you can’t take two steps without stumbling into a hotel guesthouse. Luckily, quality was not sacrificed for quantity, and amazing value can be found at every price point. I love a good hotel. As a design lover, I can’t get enough of the details, and as a traveler… Read more