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I guess you could say I’ve been bitten by the skydiving bug. Of all the thing Sin City had on offer for us on our one non-hungover day (we took the first flight out of New York), none called out to me like Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Tearing ourselves away from our plush room at The Cosmopolitan, we practically skipped the mile up to the north end of the strip where Vegas Indoor Skydiving is located.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

After a quick weigh-in (there are fairly strict height and weight restrictions for this activity) we were led to a briefing room where we learned hand signals and signed our lives away on iPad waivers. I was simultaneously fascinated by the high-end technology and entertained by warnings of possible death and dismemberment (which rest assured, the staff told us has never occurred).

The hand signals we learned would help us communicate within the flight room, where the noise of the fan is so loud that earplugs are required. Diving being my activity of choice, I’m pretty used to non-verbal communication.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

The next stop was possibly my favorite of the day — getting geared up. We changed into the most fashionable flight suits imaginable, followed by trendy glasses and hip helmets. Despite our pleas, we were not allowed to keep the outfits for clubbing that night.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Finally, it was time to enter the flight room — basically an enormous padded wind tunnel. When the instructor beckoned me with our hand signals, I jumped into the center, ready to feel weightless.

What a sensation! It took a few moments to adjust and get used to the feeling and to the best position for staying in the air, but the instructor kept a tight grip for the first flight. For our second round, the instructor and I flew together — we went so high I thought we were going to hit the ceiling! And for the final spin — we spun, literally. The instructor twirled us like horizontal ballerinas, facing the sky this time for a different perspective.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

While we might not have been able to hear each other, through the cut-out in Olivia’s mask I could see her practically crying with laughter from having watched me — and I was in the same state when she was in the air. This is an incredibly unique and fun experience that I doubt I’ll be able to replicate in my lifetime, as at the moment there are very few places in the world offering this experience.

A single flight session is $85, which in our case included three turns each in flight. Repeat sessions on the same day are $50. A bit pricey for an hour-long activity, but compared to the price of skydiving from a plane, it’s a bargain! Additionally, photos are $15 each, while a video of everyone in your group is $25. For an example, see mine below! Note: Vegas Indoor Skydiving provided the raw footage, while I edited it to what you see here.

If you’re in a rush, go to 1:10 — you won’t believe how high we got!

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever been indoor skydiving? Have you ever even heard of it?

This post was brought to you by a valued advertising partner. Thanks also to Vegas Indoor Skydiving for hosting us. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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