The term liveaboard is pretty self explanatory: it’s a boat for scuba diving in which guests sleep on board, unlike a day boat operation. The benefits include time to travel to more distant dive sites, companionship of other divers and in the case of Blackbeard’s Cruises, a significant savings in cost.

Liveaboard LayoutVia Blackbeard’s Cruises

For $899USD, you get 7 nights accommodation, 3 meals a day, unlimited beer and liquor, and an average of three dives a day. For an idea of how good of a deal that is, in Nassau a land based dive operation charges $109 for a two-tank dive trip.

Blackbeard's Cruises Bahamas

Blackbeard's Cruises Bahamas

So what’s the catch? How about a 65’ boat divided by 22 passengers, 5 crew, and 1 leaching stowaway (that would be me).  Did I mention that there is one shower and three toilets for that group? Good thing divers do their peeing in their wetsuits!

Blackbeard's Cruises Bahamas

While I was still on a high from our casino win, it was time to get unpacked and “nest” for the week at sea. Now I’m not here to brag, but I am going to show you some photos of our very luxurious accommodations.

Blackbeard's Cruises

Our “room” was not only spacious but also very bright and had great views!

Blackbeard's Cruises Bahamas

Blackbeard's Cruises Bahamas

When I emerged from the cave, I met the rest of the passengers. The main group was from a dive shop in Alabama joined by 5 independent travelers. The group is young and upbeat and I start to think New Year’s Eve is going to be a pretty good time! The boat pushes off around 4 and the captain decides it’s too late for a dive so we head straight to the Exuma Cays.

It’s a chilly and lovely evening as everyone chats in that super friendly and slightly awkward way that you do when you first meet. I am surprised by how cold it is while the boat is moving… I can’t believe I’m wearing a jacket and scarf in the Bahamas! All is forgiven though when I look up and see the sky. Out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, the only lights you see are stars. We’re off to a great start.

Blackbeard's Liveaboard

Blackbeard's Cruises BahamasCrappy photo but at least I’m in it. Priorities, you know.



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