Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of my artwork from the last two years. Big surprise! It’s travel related. For those of you who go straight to the gift shop in art museums and are totally over this, rest assured this is the second to last post!

There are no words to properly describe how proud I am over this travel website design project. I fully coded this website from scratch, meaning I painstakingly typed every character of html code on my own, no Dreamweaver assisting on this one (non internet geeks, forgive my language). Click the image below to go to the website, where you can click on the highlighted countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, USA, Costa Rica, Belize, and Spain to learn a tidbit about my travels there.

Virtual Passport

You can see more of my design work on my portfolio website, or you can stay tuned for the last post as I share one more of my favorite creations!

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