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The Wanderland Guide to Ayutthaya: The Perfect Two Day Itinerary thumbnail

Confused on where we are? I’m taking this moment while my travels are grounded to care for my mom to catch up on my black hole of un-blogged content. Here, I’m covering my time in Thailand in May of 2017. My apologies for any confusion with the timeline, and thanks for sticking with me. Sweet, historic little Ayutthaya is… Read more

Only In The Peg! What To Do in Winnipeg thumbnail

Hey friends! I’m jumping out of my typical chronologically-based coverage to skip ahead and share my recent trip to Canada. We’ll be back to Thailand soon! What do you know about Winnipeg? I admit, I haven’t done more exploring of my neighbor to the north. Having only briefly visited Montreal and Toronto in the past, my… Read more

Happiness High above Haleakala thumbnail

It’s hauntingly beautiful, immensely geographically and culturally significant, and home to more adrenaline-boosting activity options than you could cram into a week. The massive Haleakala volcano is Maui’s highest peak and makes up 75% of the island’s landmass — Haleakala is Maui, in so many ways. Hiking through the Haleakala National Park was one of the… Read more

DO Go Chasing Waterfalls in Baños thumbnail

Normally, I simply wouldn’t be one to question the wisdom of the 90’s American pop sensation TLC. No waterfall chasing — got it. No scrubs, didn’t want to work in the surgical field anyway — done.* But when I arrived in beautiful Baños, I knew I’d have to do some rule breaking. There were some waterfalls that… Read more


Having already spent a fair amount of time in the rainforest surrounding Iquitos, I wanted to make sure my time in the Puerto Maldonado jungle wasn’t repetitive. Luckily, Rainforest Expeditions offers an array of trips focusing on interests like photography, holistic wellness, and adventure. While all trips share the common rainforest exploration base, use the same… Read more

Lake Titicaca

Titilaka was beautiful enough that I could spent our entire three nights there within the walls of the hotel, content never to leave its many stylish rooms. So you can imagine then, that the surroundings were pretty spectacular in order to drag me out of my relaxation coma in order to explore. Titilaka has two levels… Read more

Biking, Bartending and Museum Browsing around Lima thumbnail

Despite the fact that Lima didn’t exactly blow us away with intangible charm, we made the best of our time there by packing our schedule with uniquely Peruvian experiences. Here, three of the tours we loved in Lima, and how they stack up against each other in Zoe and Alex’s Extremely Official Rating System. Lima Coast… Read more