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Inside My Bag: Packing For Europe thumbnail

It’s no secret that packing is on the list of my least favorite aspects of travel, ranking somewhere between sleeping in the terminal during overnight layovers and being seated behind a teething infant on twelve hour suspension-free bus rides. Even a weekend trip to Vegas can reduce me to a puddle of packing misery, so imagine… Read more

Inside My Bag: Hawaii thumbnail

Packing is probably my least favorite part of travel, and even pulling together a suitcase for something as blissful as ten days in Hawaii usually leaves me writing in agony on the floor of my closet. Still, I admit that this being my second time to the Aloha State, I had a much better idea of… Read more

Inside My Bag: Las Vegas thumbnail

Packing posts are one of those things I always assumed were a snooze but ya’ll seem to really enjoy them — or maybe you just like mocking my overpacking addiction? Regardless, I’ve vowed to do more of them. This was my packing list for a four day girlfriend getaway to Las Vegas in April. When I… Read more

Why This Traveler Fell in Love With Solid Shampoo (Plus a Giveaway for You!) thumbnail

I’m just going to go bold and say it: solid shampoo bars changed my life. Dramatic, you say? Hear me out — for someone whose travels full-time and is constantly attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it was a game changer. Since I first switched to solid six months ago I have found myself becoming… Read more

Peru Packing List Update and a Giveaway thumbnail

My Peru and Ecuador packing list was a detailed confession of my overpacking addiction. Unfortunately my proposed support group, tentatively titled Yes In Fact I do Need Both Styles of Jeggings Thanks For Asking never came to fruition and along the way I grudgingly admitted that in certain categories I would have been better off packing… Read more


The secret’s out: you guys know I’m a serial overpacker. As I prepared for my South America adventure, starting with at least two months in Peru, I briefly fantasized that this might be the trip. The one where I pack like one of those people, those people who travel the planet for years on end with… Read more

Inside my Bag: Dive Gear thumbnail

You guys seemed to enjoy the chronic-overpacker reveal post that gave you a peek inside my toiletries. So I thought I’d keep the virtual unpacking going with this in-depth dissection of my scuba gear. Hold on to you dive hoods, ’cause things are about to get wordy. Dive gear is painfully expensive. I think I snagged… Read more

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