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Inside My Bag: What to Pack For a Liveaboard thumbnail

If you’ve been reading Alex in Wanderland for a while, you know one thing for certain — packing light is not one of my strengths. But never has it been more important than when boarding a liveaboard dive boat! Tight quarters in the cabins, a specialized sport involved, no access to stores to replace anything you… Read more

What To Wear on Travel Days: My Encircled Obsession thumbnail

I’m literally typing this from the airport, where I’m dressed head to toe in a new travel brand I’m obsessed with called Encircled. I used to joke to my friends that there was a reason I wasn’t a fashion blogger and it started with swea- and ended with -tpants. I rarely discuss style on Alex in Wanderland, and… Read more

Inside My Bag: What to Pack For a Theme Park Trip thumbnail

There’s nothing like putting three girls in one hotel room to make you ask, “did I really need to pack all this?” In my case, as a lifetime member of Overpackers Anonymous, the answer is literally always no. And while I struggle to go carry-on only even in the best of circumstances, nothing makes me tip… Read more

Taking Care of My 3.57lb Best Friend: Tips for Traveling with Your Laptop thumbnail

It’s the Gail to my Oprah, the Will to my Grace, the red wine to my Olivia Pope: my laptop is my constant companion. Because I’m earning a living on the go, taking my computer along is non-negotiable. But today, I meet tons of travelers who travel with a laptop out of choice. After all, if… Read more

Inside My Bag: What To Pack For Two Weeks in the United Kingdom thumbnail

This post was written by me and brought to you by Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals to continue having #AdventuresInMotion. Oops! I did it again. No, not made another Britney Spears reference in what is allegedly a travel blog — I’d literally never apologize for that — nope, what I did again was overpack for a trip despite… Read more

Packing for Bonaire

What’s that you hear in the distance? The cry of a small blonde blogger being crushed under the weight of her excess baggage? The clatter of non-travel sized toiletries hiding from the TSA? The crush of a bulging carry on being shoved into a tiny overhead bin? Must be time for another overpacking confessional slash exhaustive edition of Inside My… Read more

Creating Harmony Solid Conditioner Review

Last year, I fell wildly in love with solid shampoo, and it was a complete game changer in how I pack and how I travel. The only bummer? While Lush’s solid shampoo was solid (get it?), their solid conditioner left a lot to be desired, an opinion I saw echoed many times in the comments section… Read more