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My Travelversary: Seven Years of Travel thumbnail

Where we’re at: I’m recapping my summer of 2018, including my travelversary, which I celebrated in June. In other news: sign ups are rolling in for the latest Wander Women Retreats. Egypt is waiting list only, but you can still join us in Florida! Looking back at my seventh year of travel in order to write this… Read more

Announcing Wander Women Red Sea: A Dive + Yoga Retreat thumbnail

Note: Because this retreat sold out so quickly, we’ve added a second set of dates. Book here! I created Alex in Wanderland for a lot of reasons — to hold on to my precious travel memories in a vessel more safe than my scattered brain, to share stories and perhaps inspiration with other wanderlusters, and, perhaps… Read more

One Final Splash in Egypt: Scuba Diving in Ras Abu Gallum thumbnail

I’m a proud PADI AmbassaDiver + this post is brought to you by PADI. I think every travel writer has had that moment where they stumble upon a place they are just obsessed with, a place so perfect they can barely wait to share it with the world… until that next moment where they think, what if I… Read more

My Top Ten Liveaboard Tips thumbnail

Are you a diver ready to take the leap — or, more accurately, the giant stride entry, hardy har — into liveaboard diving? You’re in for a treat. If you’re sitting at home thinking, “what in the six-sided starfish is a liveaboard?!,” it’s essentially exactly what it sounds like: a dive boat with cabins that divers… Read more

My Bedouin Adventure: A Camel Diving Safari in Egypt thumbnail

I’m a proud PADI AmbassaDiver + this post is brought to you by PADI. After three exotic weeks exploring Egypt (and alliterating, apparently), it was time for one final adventure: a camel diving safari to the remote Bedouin settlement of Ras Abu Galum. I know what you’re thinking. How the heck do you get a dive mask on… Read more

See the Red Sea: A Review of the King Snefro Liveaboard and PADI Travel thumbnail

It’s no secret I had a magical time underwater in Sharm El Sheikh. But what about onboard the boat? Liveaboard reviews can be tough to find, and I feel like it’s the kind of thing you really want an honest personal assessment of — considering there’s no escape once you’re onboard! So I’m writing the review… Read more

Diving in Dahab, The Backpacker Star of Sinai thumbnail

Dahab stole my heart above the surface, but what about under the sea? The whole reason we’d planned our Sharm El Sheikh liveaboard was we’d heard a rumor that the coral reefs and amount of sea life there would outshine anything we’d see up in Dahab. Still, the dive scene in Dahab was legendary — how… Read more