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Whale Watching

Astute readers of Alex in Wanderland may note that thus far I’ve had nothing but gushing praise for everything Icelandic (aside, I suppose, from the prices). It’s true, I love almost everything about this tiny island nation. However, Iceland is embroiled in an international debate over an issue that I feel so passionately about that I… Read more

I don’t tend to write many “Where to Stay” and “Where to Eat” posts, because frankly I’m usually staying in total dumps and eating a monotonous diet of whatever is cheapest. But as I’ve mentioned before, this trip was a total treat because it was sponsored by My Generous Mom™. Reykjavik was the absolute perfect destination… Read more

“You are very petite,” said the instructor disapprovingly as I walked through the door of Scuba Iceland. What might normally be considered a hair-flipping compliment would in fact turn out to be a hindrance to one of my greatest adventures yet: scuba diving in Iceland. * Certain activities seem synonymous with visiting Iceland: seeing the Northern… Read more


When my mother was a young girl, she had a traumatic riding incident that left her being dragged on her back through a stream by an out of control horse in Missouri. Just as she was about to be dragged over some ragged rocks jutting out of the water, she was able to disentangle from the… Read more

I fell completely, utterly, unabashedly in love with Reykjavik. I may or may not have spent each day we were there hunting for an Icelandic husband with whom I could pull a green card marriage — thus ensuring all my future summers were spent in my new favorite city. The search was unsuccessful (not for lack… Read more


In the past few years I have become a more and more active person, and that translates over to my travels. When researching a new destination I’m always looking for adventurous and physical ways to explore. So when I saw rave reviews for Reykjavik Bike Tours on Tripadvisor — also known as my online travel bible… Read more

People come to Reykjavik more to do than to see. Iceland is one of the adventure travel capitals of the world, after all! So it should come as no surprise that most of our four days in the capital were actually spent traveling outside it on excursions going diving, horseback riding, and biking. However, Reykjavik charmed… Read more

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