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The Great Escape: Month 73 Roundup thumbnail

Month 73 was meant to be my “breather” month in between two crazy periods of work travel this summer, which in retrospect is kind of funny because for the most part it wasn’t exactly relaxing — aside from two weeks in Martha’s Vineyard, in which even then there was a constant rotating door of guests coming… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 72 Roundup thumbnail

Astute readers may be scratching their heads thinking… did we just skip twelve months of roundups? Why yes we did! When I decided to jump ahead and blog this summer as it happened, I kind of forgot about the whole “roundup post” thing. Expect a few of these coming up as I catch up on the… Read more

A Nash Bash to Remember! How to Throw a Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville thumbnail

So, is anyone in America not having their bachelorette party in Nashville these days? It seems almost every bride I know is considering having her last fling before the ring in Music City, and they aren’t alone if the knowing winks I get from anyone I mentioned my upcoming travels to were an indication. And why… Read more

Nashville Notes: Three Ways To Feel the Music in Music City thumbnail

Music City has certainly earned its nickname. Nashville lives and breathes country music, and if you don’t arrive a fan, it’s likely you’ll leave one. On my recent trip back to Tennessee, I was lucky enough to experience the history and the magic of country music in three very special ways, and left with a deeper… Read more

Bringing My Mom to Bonnaroo thumbnail

Years ago, I watched the documentary Taking My Parents to Burning Man, and I thought, um… hell no. Burning Man is a lot of things, but an experience I wanted to share with my mom or my dad was not one of them. However, years later, things changed — sort of. My friend Kristin was visiting me… Read more

‘Roo Take Two! A Bonnaroo 2017 Festival Recap thumbnail

I think we’re all pretty clear at this point on the fact that I’m obsessed with festivals. So it should come as no surprise that when my girl Kristin invited me back to Tennessee for my second Bonnaroo, I said yes in a bass beat. Much of the experience was the same: we stayed at Kristin’s… Read more

My Thirteen Favorite US Travel Destinations thumbnail

Happy independence day, America! They say it takes leaving home to appreciate the beauty of your own backyard, and in my evolution as a traveler, I’ve found that to be true. There was a time when not a single one of the fifty states seemed adventurous enough to quench my thirst for all things exotic, but… Read more