That whole voting thing we did to pick last week’s Photo of the Week was really fun. (And thanks to all that voted. You guys really like seeing me get the beat down!) Should we make it a regular feature? Let’s put it to a poll! (Ha.)

This week was a close one considering I photographed a man riding a motorcycle with two monkeys on the back, but in the end I couldn’t resist this image:

Buddha's Foot

I snapped this shot on a visa extension run to Koh Samui this week. I loved it immediately for the movement and the colors, but something was nagging at me about it. And then I remembered: buddhism + feet = kind of a funny relationship. From Wikipedia:

Touching someone (even a child) with the foot is a taboo as Thai Buddhism considers this an impure region of the body. Pointing with the foot or showing the soles of the feet is strongly discouraged. It is especially important to not to sit with the soles of one’s feet at images of the Buddha.

It might even make me like it more, because it has another layer of meaning now. Or maybe my site is just going to rank really highly with foot fetishists this week. Either way.

  • Steve McKee
    September 24 2011

    A: Yes, really great photo. Maybe the best yet.
    Never trust Wikepedia.

    • Alex
      September 25 2011

      I know, I know. But do you know how hard it is to find a concise explanation of Buddhist principles on the interwebs?!

  • Dad
    September 25 2011

    I love this photo for the same reasons you picked it. One wonders if the artisans who produced it had free rein and picked the colors themselves or if there was some Buddhist committee that had to approve everything first.

    Also I like voting. We get to see more pictures

    • Alex
      September 25 2011

      I need to figure out a polling system that doesn’t break my website! Arggg.

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