So it turns out neither Mark or I won our wager over last week’s Photo of the Week. I had secretly been rooting for Photo D, of the gecko and the fruit, whereas Mark was gunning for Photo A, of the boy on the Tonle Sap river. The real winner? Photo C, of the monkey on the statue!

You all must be big animal fans, which brings me to this Week’s Photo of the Week…

Photo A

Water Buffalo, Koh Rong, Cambodia


Photo B

Water Buffalo, Koh Rong, Cambodia

This water buffalo on the beach in Koh Rong, Cambodia could not have been more photogenic. So I snapped him from two angles, but couldn’t pick a favorite. Can you?


  • Dad
    November 5 2011

    A lot more of his charm comes across in B.

  • karen
    November 5 2011

    I do agree with the ‘charm’ and looks close to drowning in ‘A’, but the houses on the water and the two boats are cool.

  • Kathryn
    November 5 2011

    I picked A because it looks like the poor guy is impaled by that pole!

  • Nisa
    November 7 2011

    I really like both of them…but I chose B 🙂

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