This week’s Photo of the Week was a bit trickier than usual as we didn’t really do much “traveling”. On our way back from Ibiza we hung out in Manchester for a few days with Mark’s friends before back up to Irvine  to attend doctor’s appointments, paint a shed, and get ready for a boot sale. In between all the hustle and bustle we took a day to go to nearby Millport.

Week 5’s photo features my favorite subject, Mark.

tartan speedos

JUST KIDDING! I try to avoid controversial swimwear in my Photos of the Week. The real photo is much more demure. Same model though.

Cycling on Millport, Great Cumbrae, Scotland

Stay tuned!

  • You went to Ibiza? AMAZING right??? Your boy has some body!

    • Alex
      July 15 2011

      I was in Ibiza for a week! My Week 4 Photo of the Week is from there… not blogged it properly yet but these weekly updates are in real time 🙂

  • Laura
    July 15 2011

    Love this Alex…both of them..
    The fun one and the more thoughtful one. Beautiful scenery where you are. Glad to see that you are both enjoying yourselves.
    Keep up the good blogging. 🙂

    • Alex
      July 15 2011

      Thanks Laura! It was insanely beautiful that day.

  • Cat
    July 15 2011

    I didn’t know whether to keep looking or look away! Gotta love the sense of humor and patriotic pride.

    • Alex
      July 16 2011

      Ha I know! I’m so ingrained with the American disgust at speedos it still catches up to me sometimes

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