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This week found me back in my beloved Brooklyn. For the first half of the week, I did something I haven’t done in a long time — I played tour guide and hit all the major sights in order to give Anders a crash course in New York City. On one particular day we walked all the way from Union Square into Central Park, covering more than sixty blocks and a couple avenues on foot! I never bring my camera out in the city anymore and so it was refreshing to haul out the dSLR and try to capture old landmarks in a new way.

After I reluctantly relinquished Anders back to the fine country of Denmark I returned to my usual New York City routine — spend all day working from my hosts’ couches, emerging occasionally to pick up takeout or meet up with friends. The countdown to Peru is looming big time, and I’m firing on all engines trying to get everything together for my departure.

Photo A
Flatiron Building, New York CityOne of my NYC favorites — the quirky Flatiron Building

Photo B
Empire State Building, New York CityAn alternate view of the Empire State Building

Photo C
Times Square, New York CityThe madness of Times Square

Photo D
Central Park, New York CityWinding down in Central Park

Photo E
Staten Island Ferry, New York CityThe free way to see the State of Liberty — grab a ride on the Staten Island Ferry

Which photo is your favorite?

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I’ve had hundreds of responses so far on my reader survey… but what can I say, I’m greedy and I want more! I’m keeping it open for about another week or so before I’ll write a post summarizing your responses.

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