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Puerto Maldonado


Despite the seven destinations on the itinerary, Month 30 felt like a laid-back breeze compared to the one before it. That probably has to do with the fact that two out of the four weeks were spent in places I’d already been once before, which released me from any pressure to sightsee or play tourist. This… Read more


Having already spent a fair amount of time in the rainforest surrounding Iquitos, I wanted to make sure my time in the Puerto Maldonado jungle wasn’t repetitive. Luckily, Rainforest Expeditions offers an array of trips focusing on interests like photography, holistic wellness, and adventure. While all trips share the common rainforest exploration base, use the same… Read more

A Rainforest Expedition: What We Saw thumbnail

While I could have happily spent six days within the confines of the two stunning lodges we stayed at with Rainforest Expeditions, apparently most people come to the jungle to actually look at wildlife rather than just flip through field guides and spot agoutis and wild boars from the comfort of their hammocks. So weird, right? But… Read more

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that one of the highlights of my time in Peru (perhaps even the highlightest of all the highlights?) was my very first stop — the rainforest. I fell in love with the crumbling city of Iquitos, marveled at the magic awaiting me at a jungle lodge, and finally… Read more

If posts were a little sparse this week or comment replies a little late, I have a good excuse — I was back in the jungle. This time, I flew into Puerto Maldonado, a town not far from the Bolivian border. From there, we traveled by boat deep into the rainforest, to what is reputedly the… Read more

I don’t usually set off for a country with a developed itinerary. Sometimes, things are scheduled more or less to the minute, like my eight days in Iceland. Sometime, my plans for five months in Southeast Asia can be summarized as — and I don’t want to overwhelm you here with how detailed this is —… Read more