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San Juan del Sur

Central America Tops and Flops thumbnail

This time last year, I was flying back to the USA after four months spent in one of my favorite pockets of planet earth: Central America. Over the course of five different trips, I’ve now been lucky enough to visit each of the seven countries making up this sub-continent — some of them multiple times! A… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 45 Roundup thumbnail

Note: I know there’s been plenty of recapping going on around these parts lately! I’m still fairly behind on my monthly roundups, but it is kind of fun to have a little blast from the past, no? Lots of juicy details inside! . Month 45 was, quite simply, amazing. One of the overall happiest periods of… Read more

Rancho Chilamate

I’ve done a fair amount of gushing already about my time in San Juan del Sur. I fell in love with this breezy little beach and surf town, and put aside plenty of time for research — yes, let’s call it research — into all the many ways to keep oneself entertained there. Yet I have… Read more

San Juan del Sur

After nearly four years of perpetual traveler, I know what I like, and what I like are beach towns. San Juan del Sur charmed me to my core, and I might still be found swinging in one of its hammocks had a much-anticipated festival in El Salvador not nudged me to move on after more than… Read more

San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur, it turns out, is one of those love it or hate it kind of places. And before I arrived, I heard a lot of the hate it side of things. The main complaints lodged against this Pacific Coast beach town were that it was too party oriented, it didn’t feel safe, and… Read more


Yesterday I said goodbye to Nicaragua. I wasn’t expecting to be so attached to this country in under a month, and I felt quite sad to leave! If it weren’t for some of my favorite humans in the world waiting just over the border in El Salvador, I don’t think I would have. I have a… Read more

San Juan Sunsets

Tomorrow I’m wheels up out of San Juan del Sur and onward to Leon, exactly two weeks after arriving in this teeny surf town. I have bittersweet feelings about going. On one hand, I’ve really fallen in love with it here and can see how easy it would be to just never leave. On the other… Read more