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Costa Rica

Central America Tops and Flops thumbnail

This time last year, I was flying back to the USA after four months spent in one of my favorite pockets of planet earth: Central America. Over the course of five different trips, I’ve now been lucky enough to visit each of the seven countries making up this sub-continent — some of them multiple times! A… Read more

My Travel and Blogaversary: Year Three thumbnail

Yesterday was a significant day over here at Wanderland HQ — my third travel-and-blogaversary. This post is a toast to three years of wanderlust, three years of location independent employment, and three years of pouring my heart out here on Alex in Wanderland. This year I learned more about myself, my travel style and my professional… Read more

Panama Roundup

This month marked the end of my Latin America adventures and the start of an extended period back to the US, a bittersweet page turn to a next chapter in my travels. After some emotionally tumultuous times in South America I felt like I had finally gotten my groove back, Stella-style, when we hit Panama —… Read more

One Week of La Pura Vida thumbnail

Crossing the border into Costa Rica, it finally hit me. There were nineteen weeks of travel behind me, and only one ahead. This was the end of my Latin American adventures. I’d chosen to fly out of San Jose for several reasons. First, because there were flight to New Orleans for only 15,000 frequent flyer miles… Read more

The Problem with Puerto Viejo thumbnail

“Well, we’ve got three months for Central America which should be okay as we’re only spending a week in Costa Rica.” “We’re skipping Costa Rica entirely.” “You’re going to Costa Rica?! I guess you really hate your money.” From Peru to Panama we met backpackers warning us against the budget-wrecking horrors of Costa Rica. Had we… Read more

Horseback Riding the Right Way in Costa Rica thumbnail

“At one point, those doctors nearly declared me dead.” The man riding next to me was very much alive, and explaining how a bad accident led him to trade in riding Harleys in America for riding horses in Costa Rica. It was just one of many fantastic tales we’d hear throughout the day. As a certified… Read more

Photo of the Week 141 thumbnail

This post is a significant one — the final Photo of the Week from my twenty weeks of Latin American adventures. Today, Anders and I part ways and tomorrow I’ll be flying back to the US. It’s incredibly bittersweet — I’m paralyzed at the thought of saying goodbye to my copilot for the past three months… Read more