I realized something on this visit home and it made me incredibly happy: I have managed to maintain my traveler’s mindset even though I’ve spent the past three weeks in New York state, the place I grew up in and know like the back of my hand. Which brings me to this travel quote that I love so much.

Henry Miller

I’ve been driving on roads I’ve been down a thousand times, passed by sights these eyes have looked at for years… but it seems different. Everything seems a little brighter, more saturated. Yesterday I drove between Albany and New York City, a straight shot down the Thruway and a path I’ve traversed too many times to count. I kept catching myself marveling over the light hitting the trees, or the amazing cloud formations… and I laughed and wondered if perhaps someone slipped me some hallucinogenic mushrooms. But in reality I think my drug is travel, and I’m still taking it even here at home.

I’m loving seeing my New York with the eyes of a traveler and with the heart of someone who’s called it home for so many years. The destination hasn’t changed, but my way of seeing it has.

  • Juliya
    April 3 2012

    I have just bookmarked your website and its now in my favorite list.

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