I’m having one of those rough months that seems inevitable in the expat life. There have been frustrations, miscommunications, and flat-out cons. One after another. In moments of weakness I’ve wondered if it’s time to leave Thailand. So this week’s Travel Quote seemed particularly appropriate…

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

Luckily those weak moments are becoming more spread out. So I’m not running home. I’m not even running to a different country and a different setting. I’m staying put, because Thailand and I have some making up to do.

  • Fidel
    January 17 2012

    What’s going on in Thailand that has you down?

    • Alex
      January 17 2012

      Well, there have been about a million little things (some medical drama, some expensive bad purchases by lying salespeople) and one major thing: Our landlord kicked us out with no notice at the height of busy season with the excuse that “we weren’t allowed to have guests.” Really, he found someone willing to pay 150% of what we paid. I’m writing a full post about what a nightmare it was but suffice it to say we almost had to leave the island.

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