This is the final post in my series sharing a little bit of my travel related work from the last four years of art school. I’ve loved sharing with you, thanks for reading!

When I realized my portfolio was lacking infographics, I decided to make a book about festivals around the world. It was harder than I thought to try to pick just one for each month of the year, and to not repeat countries! Certain places in the world are blessedly celebration heavy! (I’m looking at you, Thailand and Spain).

World Festival Book

World Festival Book

World Festival Book

Unfortunately I never photographed the book for my portfolio before I left, so those are the only spreads I can show you!  The festivals and countries I profiled are:

January – Harbin Snow and Ice Festival – China
February – Carnival – Brazil
March – Holi – India
April – Antigua Santa Semana – Guatemala
May – Diablos Danzantes – Venezuela
June -Glastonbury – England
July – San Fermin – Spain
August – Cure Salee – Niger
September – Burning Man – USA
October – Oktoberfest – Germany
November- Surin Elephant Festival – Thailand
December – Hogmany – Scotland

You can click below to see more travel related design or to see my full range of design work, click over to my portfolio website.

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  • You are so freaking talented!!!

    • Alex
      June 15 2011

      Thanks again love! I’m always available for hire 😉

  • Kathryn Allen
    June 15 2011

    Love your new site! I hope you visit and report on Churchill’s War Rooms while you are in the UK…Underground and very cool. Kathryn

    • Alex
      June 15 2011

      Thanks! I’ll have to start collecting trip suggestions…

  • Sajith Anandan
    July 28 2012

    Diwali is a famous festival in India. Holi also celebrating most part of the country but Diwali is a national festival of India.

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