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Wow, publishing this Photo of the Week post means that a week and a half has gone by since I left New York for my Southeast Asia 4.0 adventure! If this is any indication of how time is going to fly by, these five months will be over in a blink.

I’m glad that I have a bit more of my Hawaii travels to share with you guys before I start writing about this trip, because I think I need more time to process my emotions about being here on Koh Tao. There is probably no other destination more meaningful in my life.

Because I’m here primarily to catch up with friends and just check in on the place I once called home, I’ve been pretty lazy about taking photos (though don’t forget you can find me on Instagram now!)

Photo A
Koh Tao Sunrise

While I’ve seen some stunning sunsets on Koh Tao, the sunrises aren’t typically as colorful or spectacular. This one was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the island — the perfect reward for being on a boat so early

Photo B
Koh Tao Muay Thai

I love me some Muay Thai. In the madness of the stadium on fight night, I love this quiet moment of prayer between trainer and fighter.

Photo C
Koh Tao Muay Thai

The ritualistic dance performed before most fights is one of my favorite parts of the night.

Photo D
Koh Tao Muay Thai

Some people find it a bit violent to have kids fight — but come on, have you seen American football?!

Photo E
Koh Tao Diving

My first dive back on the island was at the last site I dove before leaving — Shark Island! Everything came full circle.

Photo F
Koh Tao Diving

A great find — a spotted ray peeking out from under a ledge.

Photo G
Koh Tao Diving

I love this moment — hitting the water for the first time, a dive with endless possibilities ahead.

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Margy
    January 7 2013

    Photo G for sure!!

    • Alex
      January 7 2013

      Thanks for voting 🙂 The jumping in shots are always popular!

  • Ashley of Ashley Abroad
    January 7 2013

    Photo A and G are amazing! Have a great time in Koh Tao 🙂

    • Alex
      January 7 2013

      Thanks Ashley! Can’t believe I have just one more week here…

  • Dad
    January 7 2013

    I go with A…….red sky at morning…sailors warning

    • Alex
      January 7 2013

      I don’t know that phrase! What is the warning against?

      • Kat
        January 14 2013

        Bad weather! In England it’s “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”.

        • Alex
          January 15 2013

          Thanks for the info! Learn something new every day…

  • sameer
    January 7 2013

    Wonderfull .. i wish 2 u Greate Time

    • Alex
      January 7 2013

      Thanks for the warm wishes Sameer!

  • Stephen S.
    January 8 2013

    Photo F. I like the contrast of colors, and that the ray in looking at the camera. Great photo Alex.

    • Alex
      January 10 2013

      Thanks! He was a great find.

  • Julie
    January 11 2013

    I love the depth and color of the fish in photo E.

    • Alex
      January 12 2013

      I concur 🙂 It’s one I’d like to have on my wall someday… when I have a wall….

  • Andrew
    January 13 2013

    Love the photos! I’m thinking about becoming certified in diving this summer. What are good places in US to go diving?

    • Alex
      January 15 2013

      Hey Andrew! I haven’t dove too much in the US…. just in Hawaii! I hear the Florida Keys are beautiful though!

  • Kristen
    January 25 2013

    A or G… so hard to choose!!

    • Alex
      January 26 2013

      Good… if it is hard to choose then I know I’m doing my job 🙂

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