I get invited to review a lot of apps and services. Most of them I turn down, and some I accept because they seem like fun and a good fit. This one, I accepted for a different reason entirely — I think React Mobile could be a really powerful tool to help keep travelers feeling safe and empowered in potentially unsafe situations. This safety alert app for the iPhone which can provide peace of mind to both travelers and their loved ones.

React Mobile App Review


React Mobile has simple and intuitive navigation — a must in a situation where you would feel uncomfortable and want to use the app. However, navigational icons are noticeably pixelated — a gripe from my graphic designer side.


There are two levels of protection with React Mobile.

“Follow Me” is the app’s built-in GPS feature. It allows family or friends who have been added to your contacts list to follow your movements in real-time. This is a nice, low-key way to say “Hey! It’s not an emergency but I want you to know where I am right now.” I can think of so many applications where this would be great for travelers — meeting new Couchsurfing hosts for the first time, heading alone to a bus station in a seedy part of town, or going for a jog in an unfamiliar city.

You can set a certain amount of time for the “Follow Me” to last. Once you feel safe again, you tap the “I’m safe” button and it will turn off tracking.

Your contacts do not need to have the app installed in order to be able to track you or receive alerts. However it’s probably a good idea to give your contacts a heads up so they know what’s going on when they receive those messages.

React Mobile App Review

“Send SOS” is the app’s next level of alerting. Activating the SOS will send a message to your contacts that you need help, and will also open a prompt that will allow you to dial 911 with one touch of a button. So, should a sneaking suspicion that someone is following you turn out to be true, you’ll alert authorities with just one tap. A silent SOS message including your GPS coordinated is sent to your pre-selected contacts via email and text without any onlookers having a clue what just happened. There is an option to have your alert posted on Facebook ad Twitter, though I really can’t imagine a situation in which I would ever use that feature. (“Hey Facebook friends! Oh, you had organic heirloom tomatoes for lunch, and you went to the gym and found some funny cat videos? Awesome. I’m being attacked, please alert the authorities.”)

You can also simply send an SMS of your own wording to be broadcast to everyone in your contacts.

React Mobile App ReviewWhat you see…

React Mobile App Review… and what your contacts see (with map blurred for security!)

There is room for improvement. I have some gripes that could be easily fixed in the next update. (1) I would like to be able to customize the SOS message that will be sent to my contacts. This would a major improvement. (2) Contacts cannot be edited once they are in place — even to add an email or a second phone number. (3) Sometimes directions were unclear — to cancel an SOS alert, there was text that prompted me to “Press and hold the shield to deactivate.” That had no effect, though tapping it did! (4) As I mentioned previously, many of the graphics are pixelated.

However, the main issue that will limit travelers from using this app, and one that I don’t know is solvable, is that you need a 3G or wifi connection! If you’re traveling domestically, most likely you have a data plan and it won’t be an issue. But for international travelers, this will be not be useable unless they invest in a local SIM card with data included.


The React Mobile app is total free! At one point React charged an upgrade fee for the “Follow Me” feature, but that is no longer the case — so don’t let references to those charges elsewhere confuse you.


As a woman who frequently and happily travels alone but also has flares of anxiety, I really appreciate the concept of this app. I think the greatest benefits are not so much a change in your physical level of safety but rather your emotional peace of mind. Obviously, an iPhone can’t ward off bad guys but it can make you feel a little less alone when you’re vulnerable. It can also make loved ones who might be nervous about your travels feel more at ease as well. At this price — free! — there’s no reason not to give it a try.

 Do you use any apps to help you feel safe when you travel?

React Mobile App Review

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Download React Mobile on your iPhone — coming to Android soon! I was compensated for my time in reviewing this app.

  • Great review thanks for informing us! I can see the downfalls but I can also see how it’d be great for my Mum back home who’s quite the worrier to have peace of mind 🙂 x

    • Alex
      October 6 2013

      Exactly! I’ll be using it for my domestic travels from now on!

  • TammyOnTheMove
    October 7 2013

    Shame you need 3G or wifi, as I do a lot of traveling to remoter places. But I guess it is handy for city trips.

    • Alex
      October 8 2013

      And domestic travel! I’m planning a huge overland trip from the West Coast to the East coast in the spring, and I’ll be using it quite a bit then.

  • Kerrie
    October 8 2013

    Wow i have spent the last week reading all your blogs and have enjoyed the highs and the lows. I have always wanted to travel but never got around to it. We did 3 weeks last year and are doing a month next year. Hopefully this will increase over time. Thanks for he blogs they have given us some real food for thought. One question is when travelling Thailand in November is it ok to just turn up and book a hotel or is it better to have them booked beforehand.

    Thanks and look forward to reading your Peru adventures.


    • Alex
      October 11 2013

      Hi Kerrie! Thanks for reading Alex in Wanderland! And congratulations on your travels. In Thailand, unless traveling over the peak week between Christmas and New Year, or heading to Koh Pha Ngnan the day of the Full Moon Party, you’ll be find just showing up! Happy trails!

  • Heather
    October 8 2013

    This is a really interesting app! I think it could be useful too for people who go hiking in the mountains, either alone or with friends, or doing other sports that might leave you wishing you had left that note and trip plan you’re *always* supposed to make before you go. I’m not sure, but it might freak my Mom out too much though, knowing about so many unsafe situations I might be in!

    • Alex
      October 11 2013

      I hear you Heather, that’s why I wish you could personalize the messages being sent out with your alerts. Hopefully that will be in the next edition!

  • Ronald
    March 29 2014

    My wife passed out while walking our dog recently and finally was able to summon a man nearby to help her get home. (I was miles away for an eye test). This prompted me to search for an alert system for our iPhones and this fits the bill. She is now taking medication for a problem with her autonomic system but needs this systems if she has another episode. I think it would be a good addition to have a special ring or tone for messages from React Mobile on the contacts phones.

    • Alex
      March 31 2014

      That would definitely be a great feature! Maybe React Mobile should be taking notes 🙂

  • Doug
    May 17 2015

    I’m interested in seeing some user comments from 2014-2015.

    • Alex
      May 17 2015

      Hey Doug! Unfortunately I haven’t used it since then but maybe someone else will chime in 🙂

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