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Let’s talk travel videos.

Back when I was working making underwater videos on Grand Cayman and Koh Tao, I watched a lot of underwater video footage from my fellow videographers. And now, as a travel blogger, I watch a lot of travel videos from my fellow bloggers. In my lifetime I have watched hours and hours and hours of travel videos, and I’ve spent as many making them.

And you know what? Lots of them are just not hitting the mark. Lots of them are just okay. And lots of the mistakes that keep them from greatness? Tragically preventable. Believe me, I make plenty myself.

So when I saw that my friends over at Travel Blog Success were launching a course on travel videography, I literally cheered. I am so happy this course exists, because I want to watch great stuff, and I want y’all to make it! (Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I am totally into saying y’all right now. I just finished Friday Night Lights and I’m kind of in a Tami Taylor phase. So, you know, I hope we all can get on board with that.)

Videography for Travel Bloggers

Introducing Videography for Travel Bloggers

The first thing you need to know about this course is that it was created by Chris and Tawny of, who are basically the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of travel videos. These two travel the world working with brands like Expedia and USA Today to create beautiful travel films, though they are talented enough that they run several successful personal projects right out of their Tacoma, Washington living room. (Alco-HAUL being an obvious contender for my favorite.)

Personally, I’m not much of a teacher. If I were to try to create a videography course, it would probably consist of this: Watch good videos. Go to interesting places. Have a good eye. And for the love of god don’t ever use Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts in your titles. Thankfully, Chris and Tawny are a bit more verbose. But equally good at ridiculous photo faces.

TBEX Toronto

The second thing you need to know about this course is that it is in conjunction with Travel Blog Success, a course that I enrolled in about four years ago — a moment I consider to be a turning point in my blogging career. When I heard these two dream teams had joined forces, I knew something good was in store.

What’s Inside

The course consists of twenty-nine lessons broken into four modules. Here’s the breakdown:

Module 1: Getting Started gives an idea of different styles of travel videos (with a charming example of each), an overview of the digital storytelling spectrum, and a beginner’s guide to selecting a camera and editing software.

Module 2: Filming gets into the nitty gritty of setting up your camera, taking advantage of its many settings, shooting footage, investing in camera accessories, choosing audio equipment, settling up model releases, and more.

Module 3: Capturing Clips teaches you how to get your footage safely and effectively from your camera to your editing suite.

Module 4: Editing gets into detail about various editing softwares, editing styles, adding voiceovers, exporting, and where to put your shiny new video!

In addition to the lessons, you’ll have access to a private web forum on Travel Blog Success and a special video channel on Slack, our real-time communications platform, to ask questions and request video critiques. When I spoke to the team, they told me they’ll soon be incorporating one-on-one mentoring opportunities as part of the program.

Let’s say you’re working a 9-5 job and are interested in pursuing video as a hobby. You could easily read through a lesson while on your lunch break each day and be done in a month with barely a blip of a change in your daily routine. Making a full time go of blogging and want to add video to your repertoire? You could blast through in a few days, including time to test out some of the recommended software and do a few test shoots.

Videography For Travel Bloggers

What I Loved

The course is a mix of written lessons and explanatory videos, which really helped reinforce the information provided and is beneficial to both visual and auditory learners. The video lessons were really my favorite — I loved seeing the discussed concepts demonstrated in real life examples.

Videography for Travel Bloggers is geared towards beginners and will give those who have never so much as hit a record button all the tools they need to get started. Product recommendations are made, terminology is explained, and basic filming concepts are clearly outlined. The descriptions of tricky concepts like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO were some of the best I’ve ever read — they did a great job demonstrating basic camera settings with metaphors and visuals. And the spelling out of basics, such as screenshots of best practice export settings, is gold. It’s the kind of thing you feel like you should know and therefore are too embarrassed to ask.

However, despite having taken video editing classes at university and even working as an underwater videographer, I still learned from this course too! I learned I need a rode mic! And a FlyCam! I learned a few technical things I never knew (who would have thunk you’re supposed to only erase memory cards from your camera, and not from your computer? What’s that? You knew? Well thanks for the heads up.)

I’ve gotten lazy with video lately — as in, I haven’t been making them at all, and a lot of the lessons gave me an inspirational kick in the butt to take my photography knowledge and creativity and apply them to video again. Remember when I made videos for my trips to Big Island and Iceland? I want to do that again — and even challenge myself to get in front of the camera.

Video Editing

This course really gets great when it lifts the curtains on the behind-the-scenes workings of being a one person (or in this case, two person) production company. You’ll learn the differences between J-cuts and L-cuts. You’ll see examples of DIY sound booths and P-guards for voice over audio. You’ll gain clever ideas like cutting a ten second preview of your movie to upload to Facebook and tempt viewers towards your full length feature.

But above all, more than anything, I loved that I made a cameo in one of the example videos. NBD guys! (Except it is a BD.)

Room For Improvement

While this is no fault of the course, I am currently traveling in Guatemala and often struggled to stream the video lessons. Keep in mind that you might want to undertake it while you have a decent connection — though because it is a self-paced course, you can take your sweet time.

Overall, the lessons are perfectly aimed at the beginner, and they deliver perfectly on tone. However, there were a few areas where I would have loved a bit more details. The good news? Recently, I spoke directly to the creators of the course about my feedback, and they are incorporating it in as you read this.

Videgraphy For Travel Bloggers2

Buy Now

Videography for Travel Bloggers costs $297.00. An investment? Yes. Travel Blog Success was a huge investment for me too when I signed up all those years ago. But the knowledge I gained — and more importantly, the community — continues to provide value back to me to this day. I believe in investing in yourself, whether it’s for a hobby or a business or simply just to never stop learning.

Anytime you buy this course, you have the opportunity to purchase alongside Travel Blog Success and save 10% on both courses. But this week, you have the opportunity to take advantage of that deal plus the Spring Sale, during which Travel Blog Success is offered at 30% off! Considering you can stack the discounts together for this week, you can land some serious savings — a total of $158.09. There’s no code needed to take advantage of the spring sale — just click any of the links in this post. And hurry! Sale ends Friday.

I can’t wait to see what courses Travel Blog Success produces next!

Are you making travel videos? Thinking of enrolling?
Let’s talk — I’ll answer any questions as best I can in the comments.

Build a Better Travel Blog


Note: I received a free copy of this program in order to review it for this post. Actually, I requested it, because I’m ready to start shooting video again and these tipsy rant vlogs I’ve been mentally working on aren’t going to film themselves. I am a proud affiliate of the program and thus will earn a percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you. As always, you’ve received my honest opinions, thorough reviews, and completely irrelevant TV references.

  • Leah
    April 15 2015

    Gahh, I really wish I had the time (and money) for this course. But I figure since I’m currently procrastinating on like, three other courses already, maybe this one can wait a little while. Videos are super fun though, and I sincerely hope you do start pumping out those tipsy rant vlogs sooner rather than later! Consider it requested.
    Leah recently posted..8 Travel Quotes That Ignite My Passion To See the World

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Ha! I’ll see if I can get Tawny and Chris to help me get started this summer…

  • The Guy Who Flies
    April 15 2015

    Hi Alex,

    This sounds very interesting and as a comprehensive, highly detailed course.

    I feel videos are certainly the future of blogging, lots of people seem to be doing them these days. My only problem with them is that in an open plan office I feel uncomfortable watching them during my lunch hour. I can use ear plugs I know but then someone might need me about something urgently. Sorry, excuses, excuses I know.

    Anyway, I’m trying to get more into videos. I’m actually half way through a video course on a different platform which is what would delay me signing up for this today.

    Also, since I moved to a Mac I still can’t quite get comfortable with iMovie yet. The version I have seems to be a more recent version than all those with tutorials on YouTube etc. There is definitely a gap in the “How to use iMovie” market at the moment.

    I look forward to seeing your fabulous films in the future. And I hope to make a few myself 🙂
    The Guy Who Flies recently posted..San Antonio Places To Visit This Weekend

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      I totally agree — and it’s part of the reason (or one of the excuses I use) I don’t focus on video. I know many readers check in from the office! What video course are you taking right now?

  • Sky
    April 15 2015

    Thanks for sharing this…I’ve been waiting anxiously for TBS to go on sale! Didn’t get the video course because that’s honestly just not my thing but so excited about the regular TBS course!
    Sky recently posted..On Travel and Feeling Like a Failure

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Yay! I’m so glad to hear you’ve signed up, Sky! See you in the FB group 🙂

  • Emily
    April 15 2015

    Video seems like a whole different ballgame to me. I should look into this so I’m not so intimidated!
    Emily recently posted..Local Eats: Weslodge

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      You’d definitely be a lot less intimidated by the time you were through with this, Emily! Let me know if you decide to go for it!

  • Holly
    April 15 2015

    Hey Alex! Would the course be helpful if you intend to shoot videos on a go pro? Or is it more for higher end cameras?

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Hey Holly! There is lots of dSLR specific information, but GoPros are definitely referenced throughout the course (and Chris and Tawny use theirs often!) And really, the large editing section is relevant for any kind of footage.

  • Amy M
    April 16 2015

    Love how much thought and effort they seem to put into these courses. It doesn’t seem to be a money maker for them, but a genuine way to share their knowledge with others whom are serious about it. I like watching videos, although i’m not a fan of making them, but it’s great to know the course is there if I want to add a new skill! xo
    Amy M recently posted..Thoughts On Travel

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      I love being a perpetual student 🙂 One of the things I miss most about being stationary is being able to take different art courses! So, all about adding the skills!

  • Julia Nix
    April 16 2015

    It’s time for Hollywood to stop overproducing action-packed films and start looking into a high end travelogue movie, starring you 🙂 Would be amazing to see beautiful cinematography based around your favourite locations in silver screen. AH, that’s my wish for you 🙂 Something your followers would agree too, I think.

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Ha… I’ll see if Chris and Tawny want to work production 🙂

  • Neysha
    April 16 2015

    I’d love to see you make videos! 🙂 That’s for the review, may have to pick up this course in addition to TBS soon.
    Neysha recently posted..A Walk Through Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico: Photo Essay

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Two more hours left to get it at sale price 🙂

  • Lauren
    April 16 2015

    Thanks for sharing this review! I was wondering if anyone knows if the regular TBS course is also done ‘at your own pace’? Side note – how do we make sure you get the credit Alex? Just by signing up via the link above?

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Indeed it is! And basically whoever’s link you click first is who gets the credit, as far as I understand. So if you first clicked a link on another blog and then this one second, the first blog would get the credit.

      • Lauren
        April 18 2015

        Great! I signed up so I hope you get the credit. I love your blog and read it religiously!!

        • Alex
          April 20 2015

          Aw, thank you so much Lauren. That means a lot to me! Let me know how the course goes!

  • Susan
    April 16 2015

    I loved your Hawaii and Iceland videos. I could definitely use some help with my own videography – I’ll have to check this course out. I’m so comfortable behind a camera, but it’s a completely different ball of wax once I put it in video mode!
    Susan recently posted..Snorkeling the Reef in Belize

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      I know exactly how your feel Susan. My creativity just drains! I need to remember to keep it on when I hit record 🙂

  • Traveling Rockhopper
    April 17 2015

    Thanks for this info! may be useful!
    Traveling Rockhopper recently posted..Falkland Islands – Albatross

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      Let me know if you sign up!

  • John Daniel
    April 17 2015

    Hi, thanks for sharing.
    John Daniel recently posted..Stay Your Way at Hermosa Cove in Exotic Jamaica

    • Alex
      April 17 2015

      You’re welcome John! I’m so excited to be spreading the news about this course…

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