Travelers would be forgiven for thinking that Angkor Wat is the sole reason to come to Siem Reap. From bicycling around the temples, to viewing them by hot air balloon, or more daringly from the seat of a helicopter or an ultralight, it might seem that everything there is to do revolves around viewing and exploring the temples of Angkor.

Angkor Wat in Miniature

In reality, there is enough to keep travelers in Siem Reap for a week, long past the average 3 day temple visit, without a hint of boredom creeping in. Here’s a Siem Reap to do list to fill your leisurely days in this lovely town.

1. Get Your Education On

Siem Reap has two museums that are very much worth a visit. One is the Cambodia Landmine Museum (entrance $3) which I wrote about in 2009 here.  A small museum that focuses on Cambodia’s little known struggle with these crippling devices, it is highly recommended. Alone, the touching life story of the founder of the museum is enough to justify the time to visit and the cost of admission. And what’s that you say? You have a pass to visit those Angkor temples? Well it just so happens the Landmine Museum is en route to famously pink temple Banteay Srey.

Landmine Museum

On the other end of the spectrum, The Angkor National Museum (entrance $12), which I wrote about here, is a big and flashy intro to Khmer art, architecture and history. It features many sculptures that were long ago plundered from the Angkor Temples and gives them a new safe home in beautifully designed galleries.

The Angkor National Museum

2. Fill Another Suitcase

As my dear sister once said, “Those who say money can’t buy happiness aren’t shopping in the right stores.” My sister would like Siem Reap. While the usual tourist trinkets can be found around town in places such as the Night Market and Phsar Chas, there are many more unique options to uncover. The streets in the old market area are filled with unique women’s clothing boutiques, handmade jewelry studios and galleries lined with works of artists inspired by the great nation of Cambodia. Favorite include Artisan’s De Angkor, which focuses on traditional arts like silk work and stone carvings and offers free tours to it’s silk workshop, Garden of Desire, which features delicate jewelry on stunning displays, and Jim McDermott Gallery, featuring the work of many talented photographers.

Jim McDermott Gallery

To bring home an even more special souvenir, head to Khmer Ceramics, where in addition to purchasing handmade home goods you can stretch your creative muscles and create your own traditional Khmer pottery. The experience plus one fired and glazed piece to take home costs are reasonable $15.

Khmer Ceramics

3. Be Entertained

Seeing an Apsara dancing show while in Cambodia is a must-do. The vast majority of performances are dinner-and-show setups, but exceptions exist. For the most casual viewers, Temple Bar features a free show in it’s restaurant every night at 7:30, though you are of course expected to order dinner or drinks from the reasonably priced menu. Arrive early to get good seats! King Pub Street offers a similar set up. On the opposite end of the Spectrum is the lights and laser heavy Smile of Angkor show (tickets $38-48) which I covered here. More background on Aspara and a comprehensive list of performance venues can be found at Canby Publications.

Apsara Show Siem Reap

4. Be Pampered

If you are craving an afternoon lounging by the pool but your guesthouse or hotel has only a hot tub to swim in, don’t despair. The lovely River Garden Guesthouse offers free use of it’s pool to those who purchase a drink or snack at the poolside bar and grill.

But when it comes to the ultimate form of relaxation, the spa visit, Siem Reap is somewhat of a mecca. On the budget end of the spectrum, you can get an hour long foot rub for about $3 or let fish nibble away at your toes at one of the city’s ubiquitous Mr. Fish stalls. If, like Mark, you believe that $3 is not enough compensation for subjecting another human to touch your feet for an hour, try more lush options like Bodia or my personal favorite, Frangipani, where a luxurious, top quality one hour massage will set you back a whopping $25.

Siem Reap Cheap Spa

Frangipani Spa Siem ReapPhotos courtesy of Frangipani Spa

5. Get Out

Outside the borders of Siem Reap town lies a beautiful countryside, and a lake that is the lifeblood of the nation. A boat trip to Tonle Sap Lake is highly recommended. There are three main villages visited by tourists, including Chong Khneas, Kompong Phluck, and lastly Kompong Khleang, which I recently visited. Another fun way to get out and explore is via the extremely popular tours offered by The Happy Ranch, a ranch that offers tours of the countryside by, you guessed it, horseback.

Tonle Sap
For those that are aqua- or  equino-phobic, travel agents around town offer an array of traditional countryside tours.

6. Give Back

Cambodia is a place likely to stir emotions in even the most casual visitor. There seems to be endless need everywhere you look. Luckily, there are almost as many ways to give back and be a positive presence in Cambodia, starting with following these simple guidelines. You can also easily shop and eat at NGO run establishments that give back to the community such as Common Grounds Coffee, which supports or Beau Fou Boutique, which supports For entertainment that feels good, take in the weekly donation based cello concert given by Dr. Beat Richner, which annually raise $5 million for Cambodia’s childrens’ hospitals. Alternatively, just ask your hotel or guesthouse about special events happening during your visit. By chance we ended up at a charity Bingo game at a trendy new bar that kept us laughing all night.



  • Zoe
    November 17 2011

    Can’t wait to get a little pampered when I arrive!!
    Oh Mark, such a noble spa client. Alex, I miss him!

    • Alex
      November 17 2011

      Haha. Oh poor Mark, surrounded by beautiful ladies yet again. This time we named ourselves Charlie’s Angels, a very fitting moniker I think. And yes, you are going to get pampered like crazy.

  • Nadia
    November 17 2011

    Love the pics!!!!

  • Kris Koeller
    November 17 2011

    The food there is terrific. We really loved the Khmer Kitchen, and the bar district, while seedy, was a blast.

    • Alex
      November 17 2011

      It’s true! There aren’t tons of options for going out, but what more do you need than Angkor What? Bar!

      • Sarah
        November 19 2011


        Is there really anything else you need other than Angkor What? Bar!

        No, there isn’t.

  • Merlyn
    September 9 2012

    I’m going to Siem Reap on Nov 8-13, so that’s 4 nights, I do hope it’s enough. 3 things I’m excited about: Angkor Wat of course, Foot Massage, and Khmer Cuisine. Thanks for your post!

    • Alex
      September 10 2012

      You’re so welcome! I hope you have a great time!

  • Jon
    December 9 2012

    Heading there in a couple of weeks, great info here, thank you!

    • Alex
      December 11 2012

      Thanks for reading Jon! I love Siem Reap, it’s such a great town and deserves an extra day beyond temple-hopping for sure!

  • Emma Becker
    March 13 2013

    I am going to Cambodia on September this year. Besides Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam are also listed to be visited. But still I have a question about a hotel you might have seen during your visit in Siem Reap. I booked the following hotel: Tara Angkor Hotel. You know if it is a good hotel? I heard good stories about it. What are the best attractions to visit in Siem Reap and in the surrounding?

    • Alex
      March 14 2013

      Hey Emma, other than the temples, everything I list in this here post is what I consider to be the best attractions in Siem Reap 🙂 I’ve never stayed at the Tara Angkor, but I do have a post titled “Where to Stay in Siem Reap” that you might find helpful. Enjoy your trip!

      • Emma
        March 19 2013

        Thank you Alex for your response. I will read it, and hopefully it contributes, what I think is going to do.

  • Nicole
    September 14 2013

    Currently on our 2nd day in Siam Reap and was wondering what to do… Stumbled across this and now have a plan! Markets, spa and Angkor What? Bar it is! Thanks Alex 🙂

  • Josée
    June 21 2015

    Despite my love of wandering, I am an anxious traveler who ventures often to “safer” and more comfortable environments like Europe. I am leaving for Southeast Asia next week and was worried about the food or the kind of experience I might have. Your blog (which I have been reading nonstop since discovering it this morning) has put me at ease and reaffirmed my desire to step outside my comfort zone and to try new foods and see new places. I don’t often sit and read blog posts, but rather enjoy the photos… Yours is a rare gem where I have enjoyed both. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work you do.

  • Buddy Rathmell
    December 24 2015

    There is an awesome new attraction at the end of Pub Street called the The Escape Hunt Experience. They have different rooms that you “escape” out of in under an hour. It’s a must if you are looking for something fun to do in Siem Reap. Also they have Air Conditioning. 🙂

    • Alex
      December 26 2015

      Sounds fun 🙂 I hadn’t heard of it before.

    • Quizzi
      January 9 2016

      Hey ya… We have already done Aquatic room. It’s great !!

  • Caryl
    January 3 2016

    Hands down, the best thing to do in Siem Reap other than visiting temples is Phare The Cambodian Circus. It’s an amazing, uplifting and inspiring experience which is helping to restore the arts in Cambodia.
    We visited many times during our 7 month stay and it never got old 🙂

    • Alex
      January 4 2016

      I went to an amazing circus in Battambang. The one you reference wasn’t open when I wrote this post, but I agree — fantastic experience!

  • Mike Clegg
    March 25 2017

    It’s so nice to read a blog post about Siem Reap about the other things to do! Thank you! I’m heading here in a few days if my flight doesn’t get changed again! 🙂

    • Alex
      March 25 2017

      Good luck Mike, hope you make it! Siem Reap is a magical place.

  • Damien
    July 20 2017

    Thank you for the extra hints. I am considering taking the boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, just wondering if you have done this and would you recommend it as a comfortable way to travel. I am sure it will be more picturesque.

    • Alex
      July 20 2017

      Hey Damien! I have not done it unfortunately, though I have friends that have done so. Personally I have taken the bus!

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