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Mui Ne

Each month I take some time to reflect not just what I’m doing, but how I’m doing. You can read my previous roundups here, here, here, and here. Reading through my Month 5 Roundup and my Cambodia vs. Vietnam comparison, it’s no secret that Vietnam didn’t “speak to me” the way that Cambodia did. I had… Read more

Vietnam: Love it or Hate it thumbnail

I can think of very few countries that inspire as passionately varied reactions from travelers as Vietnam does. Its fans wax poetic about the breathtaking landscape, the intriguing culture and the resilient population. Its detractors spew bitterly about the traffic, the crime, and most of all: the unfriendly people. I’m fascinated by this. What is it… Read more

Windsurfing was a rewarding new challenge, and getting off the beaten path to explore the mountain temple of Ta Cu was exhilarating, but nothing excited me more than the chance to see, photograph, and play in the famous Mui ne sand dunes. There are two distinctive hot spots: The red dunes, about 20 minutes drive outside… Read more

One benefit of being a travel blog addict is having some great recommendations before even arriving in a destination. While Mui Ne may be best known for its watersports, we were also eager to get out and explore dry land. When we were deciding where to go with our rental motorcycle, I though back to a… Read more

It took me a few moments to unfold myself from the six-hour mini-van ride we had taken, against our will, from Dalat to Mui Ne. I will recount this story in full someday in the future, perhaps when I get around to writing that “Bus Rides from a Vietnamese Hell” post I’ve been working on. But… Read more

This is the final photo of the week from our epic 6.5 week journey through Cambodia and Vietnam. Now we’re back in Bangkok and it’s time to put my head down for two weeks as I have the heaviest work load of freelance projects I’ve had since leaving the States. Once those two weeks are up… Read more