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Welcome to my final Peru hostel roundup! I’ve reviewed accommodation from the big city, the jungle, and the highlands, and now I’m covering my favorite region — the coast. The hostels in this roundup are proof that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy an oceanfront view or a swim up bar! Kokopelli Paracas… Read more


Despite the seven destinations on the itinerary, Month 30 felt like a laid-back breeze compared to the one before it. That probably has to do with the fact that two out of the four weeks were spent in places I’d already been once before, which released me from any pressure to sightsee or play tourist. This… Read more

While most travelers breeze through Paracas just long enough to get pooped on by the birds at Islas Ballestas, we stuck around for four days, leaving plenty of time to explore the other activities the area offers. And by “other activities the area offers,” I basically mean kitesurfing and touring the Paracas National Reserve. I told… Read more

Islas Ballestas: The Poor Man’s Galapagos thumbnail

The poor man’s Galapagos — that’s the enticing sales description I kept hearing for Peru’s Ballestas Islands, right off the coast of Paracas. While many tourists visit the islands on day trips from Lima or Huacachina, we decided to go straight to the source. Paracas is a funny little resort town just four hours south of… Read more

This week found me snaking back up the coast towards Lima after finally bidding adios to the Andes. While I appreciated my seven days of staying still and catching up on computer time, I was really ready to get back down to sea level. The altitude had me exhausted and the temperamental weather was driving me… Read more

I don’t usually set off for a country with a developed itinerary. Sometimes, things are scheduled more or less to the minute, like my eight days in Iceland. Sometime, my plans for five months in Southeast Asia can be summarized as — and I don’t want to overwhelm you here with how detailed this is —… Read more