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Diving in Barefoot: Scuba Diving Roatan with Barefoot Cay thumbnail

Five days in Roatan flew by. And while compiling my notes and photos for a post about my time there, I had to admit that quite frankly, I didn’t squeeze much into them. I could blame the weather, or my partner-in-crime Rika (with whom I was too busy gossiping and giggling to be bothered to leave… Read more

Returning to Roatan thumbnail

It may not seem possible to those that are following along with my seemingly never-ending coverage from this adventure, but my four months in Central America felt like they truly flew by. As my plane touched down in Roatan, it felt like just yesterday that I’d landed in Managua. It was a meaningful place to end… Read more

Which Honduran Island: Utila or Roatan? thumbnail

When we were planning our trip to Honduras, there was endless chatter regarding which of the two most popular Bay Islands was best (poor Guanaja got the short end of the stick). Roatan lovers told us Utila was dirty and filled with rude backpackers and Utila fans told us Roatan was pricey and boring. So naturally… Read more

Honduras Roundup thumbnail

What I Did: 2 nights in La Ceiba, 5 nights in Roatan, 7 nights in Utila Photo by Melanie Overall: Why Honduras? Cayman Airways flew to three international destinations (outside the US): Jamaica, Cuba, and Honduras. We weren’t all that interested in Jamaica so it was really down to two. We were really leaning towards Cuba but in… Read more

Getting From Roatan to Utila: Sailing in Style thumbnail

Planes, too expensive. Sea Ferries, too pukey. Buses, overdone, yawn! Semi private sea catamaran? I think I shall! Okay so we didn’t really have all those other choices in order to get from Roatan to Utila. I mean, we could have taken the sea ferry back to the mainland and then out to Utila, but it… Read more

A Two Wheel Tour of Roatan thumbnail

When I travel, I look forward to seeing. Not just the big sites in guidebooks, not just the beautiful beaches and the hailed natural wonders. I like to see everything; the energy and mood, the roadside stands, the way people live. It’s the things you can’t really discern from a book or a picture. I like… Read more

Diving Roatan thumbnail

We woke up the morning of our dives feeling sick and miserable. After the beach the night before we came back to our new home for the week and discovered our hosts were having a barbeque. Perfect, instant friends! We were greeted warmly and treated like old pals, reminding me again why I love the traveling… Read more