…but seriously.

As much fun as Mark and I are having in Cambodia, our visas are coming to an end. While we originally had ambitious plans to hit up Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, but we spent so much time in this lovely country that we only have time for one more before heading back to Thailand to work through the high season. Why not both? Well, we are super slow sloths when we travel and with less than three weeks left we would hate to rush through this region. So doing that is definitely out.

Cambodia Vietnam LaosClick to enlarge, via Discovery Indochina

Here’s our crisis- we can’t agree where to go next. Mark’s dreaming of one destination and I’m flipping through Lonely Planet guides to the other. So we decided to do what any sane couple would do- allow strangers on the internet to decide for us! To level the playing field, we’re not saying who wants to go where. But we pinky promise to do whatever you guys choose. So, where would you like to send us?

Option A: Laos

A landlocked country famous for its unspoiled landscape and friendly people. We would take in the laid back Four Thousand Islands, visit the traveler-renown UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang, get wet and wild at the famous party tubing town of Vang Vieng, and then swing through the sleepy capital city of Vientienne. Highlights would include seeing the Tak Bat ceremony in Luang Prabang, being spoiled on the beauty of heartland South East Asia, and not killing ourselves while floating inebriated down a river in inner tubes.

Tak Bat CeremonyTak Bat Ceremony, slightly altered from SEAsia

Tubing in Vang ViengVang Vieng, via Exploring Existence

Option B: Vietnam

A long, skinny country filled with coastline and culture. We would start in Ho Chi Min City and head North, ideally by motorcycle, dripping along the coast before ending up in Hanoi. Highlights would include sailing the famous Halong Bay, having custom clothes made, and not killing ourselves in Vietnamese traffic.

Ha Long BayHalong Bay, via Famous Tourisms

Vietnam by BikeHoi An bikers, slightly altered from McCullagh Photography

We can’t wait to see where you send us. And please consider sharing this on Facebook and Twitter so we can get as many voters as possible!

Vietnam vs. Laos

  • Steve McKee
    November 7 2011

    Love the MAP!!!!!!!

  • OrpingtonT
    November 7 2011

    Good luck wherever you decide (or are sent!) Just keep clear of those floods in Thailand.

    • Alex
      November 7 2011

      Well, we are going to be in Thailand in early December, so we just have our fingers crossed that things clear up by then!

  • Rachael Sena
    November 7 2011

    Such a hard choice! But I am going to have to go with Laos…friendly people rules over crowded traffic anyday! Plus, floating inebriated down a river sounds lovely 😛

    • Alex
      November 7 2011

      Yes… the traffic in Asia in general is something to be reckoned with but over and over again I hear Vietnam stands in a class of its own! 🙂

  • Roy
    November 7 2011

    Just voted………

  • Briony-Jane
    November 12 2011

    Zak and I have spoke about this and we both say Vietnam! 🙂 excited to see the results.x

  • Christine
    November 13 2011

    I just tried to vote but for some reason I think voting is closed! Anyway, I would have voted for Vietnam. I love the idea of an adventure by motorbike! Looks like a beautiful country 🙂

    • Alex
      November 14 2011

      Thanks Christine, but the winner was announced in the post Photo of the Week 22… and it’s Vietnam! So you picked a winner 🙂 Can’t wait to share the journey here!

  • Lake Toba
    May 9 2022

    Love this blog so much, thanks for this post!

    • Alex
      December 14 2022

      Ha, you’re welcome!

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