When I met Mark over two years ago on the same island we are waking up on today, I didn’t know that, corny as it is to type, my life was changing forever. I didn’t know I had found someone who shared my dream and vision for living an unconventional life and exploring the world. I didn’t know I had met the person who would restore my faith in the good heartedness of people. I didn’t know much of anything, really, since I couldn’t understand a word through Mark’s thick Scottish accent.

Dear Mark,

Today we’ve been through twenty seven months, nine countries, and about a gazillion goodbyes in our long, long distance relationship, but we’ve never spent your birthday in the same country. Living in Thailand I can’t bake you a fancy cake or order you a giant balloon bouquet (What? I’ve always wanted to do that) or buy you the electric razor you’ve been wanting, but I can dedicate this post to you.

Halloween in New York City

I love that you arrive in new places without having googled a single image or cracking open a single guidebook, and simply stay open to every adventure.

Happy Birthday PostWhitewater rafting in Honduras

I love the way you always stop and give directions to anyone holding a map.

Happy Birthday PostWedding-going in Scotland

I love that you sometimes carry both our enormous 80L backpacks when I’m feeling tired.

Happy Birthday PostGetting ready to dive in Grand Cayman

I love that you have made a career out of passing your passion for diving onto others.

Happy Birthday Post

I love that my family sometimes seems to like you better than they like me.


I love that you are Alex in Wanderland’s number one fan.

Happy Birthday Post

I love that you never take yourself too seriously. (I think I might love this most of all.) Whether its prancing around in speedos, telling bad jokes, or tearing up the dance floor, people have a hard time keeping a laugh and smile off their face around you.

Happy Birthday PostScootering around Ibiza

Happy birthday Mark.

Scotland with Love

Love always,

  • This was absolutely gorgeous! You 2 are such a beautiful couple and your love is radiant in each picture. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!!

    • Alex
      September 6 2011

      Thanks Andi! It was so fun going through all our photos to find these 🙂

  • Kathryn
    September 6 2011

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! You are a fantastic guy and the best travel companion *and human!* I can imagine for Alex. XOOX


    ps. Nice job, Alex

  • Christian Eilers
    September 6 2011

    Mark, happy birthday to you! Though I don’t know you, Alex’ post really highlights what a beautiful relationship you two undoubtedly share. Congrats on your strength to see such a wonderful thing through!

    • Alex
      September 6 2011

      Thanks for the comment Christian!

  • Dad
    September 6 2011

    Happy Birthday Mark. I am happy you are Alex’s travel buddy but I am still her Dad so you’d better continue to be nice to her too.

  • Shannon
    September 21 2011

    I’m reading your blog backwards at the moment so I just stumbled upon this and it’s adorable! You guys are make such a great couple and I can’t wait to keep reading about your adventures! Cheers and Happy belated Birthday Mark! 🙂

    • Alex
      September 22 2011

      Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad to have you!

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