Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m thrilled to report my family and friends arrived safe and sound in Thailand for the holidays, and we’ve been having a blast.

Alex in Wanderland Christmas

Now, onto Photo of the Week. It was nearly impossible to pick one this week after three busy days in Bangkok and a few days playing tourist on Koh Tao left me with nearly 1,000 images to sort through! But  we found a winner in this image of Wat Pho lit up at night.

Wat Pho at Night

Hope everyone is having a fun and festive holiday, wherever they are in the world! What are you doing to celebrate?

  • Auntie
    December 25 2011

    Nice photo! Merry Christmas to you both. Love Auntie,Uncle Clifford and Grandad.

    • Alex
      December 25 2011

      Thank you Elizabeth! Merry Christmas to you all as well. It seems we are both spending the holiday in warm climates!

  • LOVE that 1st one of you! How do you stay in such great shape while traveling!? Merry Xmas darling!

    • Alex
      December 26 2011

      Well I was doing muay thai training pretty regularly before but honestly… the key is destroying all unflattering photos! 🙂

  • Fidel @IHarTravel
    December 26 2011

    Happy holidays Alex!
    I had to spend Christmas working duty on my ship. NYE will be spent in Bangkok though!
    Love both pictures. And I’m with Andi, how do you stay in shape on such a long travel tour? I can never get the energy to work out when I travel.

    • Alex
      December 26 2011

      Bangkok will be great for NYE! I truly never work out, even back at home. The only exception is I started doing some muay thai training which is so fun I forget it’s a workout. But other than that, like I said, I just post flattering photos 🙂

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