Update: Looking for more information on Sunjam? Check out my guide to the festival here!

In my last few posts you’ve seen me referencing the mythical “Sunjam” though I haven’t told you much about it other than its a 24 hour rave on a deserted island. And thats because I didn’t know much more than that.

Having explored Water Cay the day before we knew that it was deserted and super small –  only 3 acres! From the website I knew that there were about 1,400 people expected and there were a lot of things that we all couldn’t bring, INCLUDING CAMERAS. If you know me, you may be aware that “no cameras” usually means “no me in attendance.” Not only do I have an affinity for documenting every other moment of my life, I feel not allowing cameras is a sign some sort of weird shit is going to go down. Some sort of Kool Aid situation, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, pretty much everyone on the island was headed to the same place we were and we scrambled to find an affordable ride… everyone with a boat was offering trips but at varying prices so we made plans with our friend Zorro from the day before to meet at eight. Sunjam officially started at noon but lets face it- we are not that hardcore. After returning the motorbike we had some dinner and headed to the dock. However we were a teensy bit late and Zorro betrayed our deep friendship by taking some other passengers!All was well though as a passing boat stopped to let us on. There’s pretty much no way to describe that boat ride without sounding like I’m using gross hyperbole, so lets just say shooting stars were involved. Lots.

When we arrived we found a scene that couldn’t be more different than the one we found the day before. Pulsing techno music, flashing lights and throngs of dancing people in every direction. The next 12 hours are censored for your safety. What happens at Sunjam, stays at Sunjam. Plus I have no photos and my memory is a teensy bit fuzzy. But the other thing sounds better.

As dawn approached we gathered at the east side of the Cay and collapsed after endless hours of dancing. Watching the sun come up was eerily peaceful despite the still thumping music in the background. It was amazing. We survived.

Sunjam, UtilaPre-Sunjam 7pm

Sunjam, UtilaPost- Sunjam 8am

By the way, I plan on writing a longer, “Surviving Sunjam” style post in the future about the logistics of attending an event like this, but for now this was my abridged experience! And my sad two photos, snapped 5 minutes before rushing out to catch our boat and as we walked in the next morning. Had to document somehow. Update: Find that Surviving Sunjam post here!

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