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Month 39

My hectic summer reached a fever pitch in Month 39. Two whirlwind final weeks in Greece capped off Europe, which had followed an action packed few months of traipsing the USA — and as amazing as that whole period of travel chaos was, upon reflection it  pushed me right to the brink of burnout. I’d had… Read more

All Aboard for Athens thumbnail

Santorini was not easy to say goodbye to. Things got a little emotional as we boarded the ferry and watched that stunning volcanic isle disappear in the distance. Still, Heather and I had one last stop on our joint European adventures to enjoy — a weekend of urban adventures in Athens. I loved this city something… Read more

Photo of the Week 165: Greece thumbnail

Greetings from Greece — again! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be reporting from the same country for two weeks in a row. Not that that’s any indication I’ve slowed down. Life is once again reaching category ten levels of chaos as I try to fit in too much work, too much play… Read more

Photo of the Week 164: Greece thumbnail

All I can say is thank goodness I have another two weeks in Greece, or there would be tears all over this keyboard. All the love I felt for this country on my brief but fabulous first visit has come flooding back, and if it weren’t for the euros that seem to magically fly out of… Read more

Forty years ago this summer, my maternal Grandmother traveled from her home town of Decatur, Illinois, to explore the islands of Greece. The year was 1971 and she had lost her husband the winter before. She traveled with two couples, and took a very similar route to the one that my Mom and I (her daughter… Read more

Striking Cabs in Greece

The taxi strike that saved us some cash by forcing us onto a shuttle bus from the airport into Athens was still raging on two days later as we scrambled to find a way to get to the pier. Little did we know we were approaching a decision that would lead to the lowest point in… Read more

48 Hours in Athens: Falling For The Capital of Greece thumbnail

Athens was a whirlwind of heat, history, and protesters. It all began with a happy reunion in the arrivals terminal between my mom and I, having said goodbye six weeks before. We were not, however, joined by my mother’s luggage, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise since the country-wide taxi strike forced us… Read more