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The Great Escape: Month 31 Roundup thumbnail

After eight weeks of pretty non-stop travel, I slowed way down and put the breaks on for Month 31 — a much needed Christmas present to myself. Our original plan for this period was even more sloth-like, but insane prices in Montañita caused us to slash our time there to a third of what we had… Read more

White Water Rafting

Already, I’ve covered quite the array of adventures we tackled in beautiful Baños — biking the waterfall route, canyoning through the jungle, and surviving a fiery New Year’s Eve. But I saved the best for last. For thrills, for laughs, for value and for devastatingly fashionable attire, white water rafting was the best thing we did… Read more

DO Go Chasing Waterfalls in Baños thumbnail

Normally, I simply wouldn’t be one to question the wisdom of the 90’s American pop sensation TLC. No waterfall chasing — got it. No scrubs, didn’t want to work in the surgical field anyway — done.* But when I arrived in beautiful Baños, I knew I’d have to do some rule breaking. There were some waterfalls that… Read more

Into the Canyons in Baños thumbnail

Have you heard of canyoning? It’s more than just a way to embarrass yourself in a wetsuit. Though that is one aspect. Officially — and by officially I am obviously referring to the word’s Wikipedia definition — canyoning is “traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking… Read more

Bringing in the New Year Baños Style thumbnail

New Year’s Eve is so hit or miss. You can’t just have an pretty good New Year’s Eve, can you? You’re either in your own personal sequel to The Hangover, sipping liquid silver and snorting pure gold in a stretch limo chartered by Kanye, or sobbing in the fetal position alone in a corner, confident in… Read more

Finding the Essence of Ecuador thumbnail

So far, I feel like my Ecuador posts have been falling a bit flat, and I think that’s because ya’ll have been feeling the residual hangover of the little depression I was in while I was there. But that just makes me even more excited to begin writing about Baños — because here, this tiny highland town… Read more

Happy New Year, or feliz año nuevo as we were wishing one another here in Ecuador. Our much fraught-over decision to spend the holiday in Baños rather than Moñtanita turned out to be the perfect one. We had a culturally unique experience, an insanely fun night, and best of all, no stress! What more could you… Read more