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I’m off taking a real vacation in the only place possible: one without wifi. While I lock away my computer and play on the beach for two days, I asked my dear friend and Peru travel buddy Zoe Norvell to fill in for me. At this point in my life: I can’t be bothered with taking… Read more

WHOA THERE WAIT A SECOND! Phew. I thought you were about to click out of the page there for a minute, because I know from my recent reader survey that these roundups are pretty polarizing — some of you love ’em, some of you hate ’em. I tried to use your feedback to improve this roundup… Read more

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Subtitle: Seriously I Could Have Died, Okay? On our final day in Huacachina, we were faced with a tough choice — have a peaceful and relaxing day lounging by the pool, or pay oodles of money to stuff ourselves into tiny planes and, statistically speaking, likely vomit all over ourselves before crashing to our deaths (data… Read more

This week found Zoe and I hopping all over the map — we started with three days in Lima, popped down for two in Huacachina, and then spent a final one in Nazca before boarding an overnight bus bound for Cusco. We’re currently running all over the city — stopping frequently to wheeze from the altitude… Read more

I don’t usually set off for a country with a developed itinerary. Sometimes, things are scheduled more or less to the minute, like my eight days in Iceland. Sometime, my plans for five months in Southeast Asia can be summarized as — and I don’t want to overwhelm you here with how detailed this is —… Read more